Say Hello to an Organized Home: Step by Step to Declutter Your Home

Home is where our love stays, happy memories are created, and our heart belongs. An organized home is the little world of real comfort and peace, no matter how big or small. You may hang artworks on the wall, place some fluffy throw pillows on your high-end sofa, have adorable pets, comfortable beds in bedrooms, a wardrobe that is full of your clothes, high-tech home appliances.

However, do you wake up in the morning and struggle to find your clothes and belongings? Does it end up consuming a lot of your precious time? Do you think that your home does not have enough space for all the things you own?  Usually, this could mean you need to declutter your home.

why need get home organized

Why do you need an organized home?

An organized and clean home represents your lifestyle. Here is what you keep your home organized for.

1. An organized home can save your time and improve your effectiveness.

You can find what you need fast and easily. A well-organized home saves a lot of time and reduces a lot of mental stress. You have more time to focus on the important goals.

2. An organized home saves your money.

You know exactly what you own and need, so you won’t buy too much unnecessary stuff.

3. Decluttering for an organized home is the way to relieve your stress and improve your relationship.

Home is like the small world in your mind. A messy house makes people in it anxious and stressful and causes sleep and skin problems. If your home is clean and organized, so is your mind.
The process of decluttering a home is the way you clear your mind. The decluttered items are something like unwanted thoughts and feelings. A clean and organized home makes people live a happy and peaceful everyday life.

How to have an organized home?

1. Plan and prioritize decluttering space.

Thinking and planning before acting. Determine specifically how you want this space to serve you. Write down what you need to prepare, what items are unnecessary, when is the perfect time to declutter your home, which room start first. Follow your list without hesitation.

make a plan before organizing

2. Organized home starts from easy small areas.

If you think your whole house is a mess, it’s better to start with the small area and work up your way to the larger areas. Don’t attempt to do everything at once. Starting from a small area will bring a sense of achievement, make organizing easier. You can start with just your closet or fridge. If a large space takes a lot of time and effort, you can divide them into small goals.

fridge oranizing

3. Empty the space and rearrange them by usage frequency.

Pull out all the items. Now, you have a small blank canvas to express your organizational talent and create the most convenient and organized home! You need to sort out what you have before organizing. Prepare 3 baskets, frequent use items in one basket, seasonal items in one basket, and unwanted items in the last basket. Deep clean the space and place your items in with new order.

kichen cabinet storage idea

4. Group items by usage frequency and features.

You can start grouping items depending on how often they are used, what they are for. The most used utilities should be kept just below eye level for easier access, and the heavier stuff can be kept towards the bottom. Figure out the items that are used rarely and keep them on the top shelf.

For an organized library, color coding books can be a great way to not only make it organized but also aesthetically pleasing.

Transparent containers help you organize small kitchen supplies & beauty products conveniently. You can easily see through and find what you want. Eating and cooling tools are together in the kitchen cabinet drawer.

Hang all accessories together in the closet, e.g, delicate scarves, belts, hats, and bags together, as these items are usually matched together.

Place the same seasonal clothes together in storage bags or boxes, sweaters, heavy coats together with jackets and thermal underwear.

Home tools can be stored in the same wall panel or tool shelf.

Sports gear should be stored in the same area.

plastic storage boxes store things separately

5. Labels save you time.

Do you ever feel like it’s difficult to find out things when you need them, and it causes a lot of waste of time? You cannot remember everything. You need to declutter your home and keep your things labeled. Further, this ensures that all the stuff in your home has a place to be kept and you are aware of the space it is in.

Consequently, this helps save a lot of time that you spent mindlessly searching around the house when you need something. You can label all the bins, jars and make sure that your labels accurately describe the type of items present in each of these spaces.

You can add a label to each of your jars and baskets in the pantry to identify all the stuff, like spices, grains, legumes, etc.
It can be very helpful when you are in a hurry in the morning to prepare your breakfast. And helps you and your family members put the items back in their right position.

labels help you find stuff easily

6. Utilize spare spaces

Try to utilize the spare spaces beneath the furniture like the tables or the bathroom vanity area or space under stairs. You can do that by using bins to store extra commodities that are regularly used. Moreover, this makes sure that all the items have a proper space to be kept and are easily accessible.

utilize the spare spaces beneath the stair

7. Put things back in their designated place after each use.

Everything has a designated storage place, if you keep putting them back in their place after each use, you don’t need to waste time looking for the items you need.

8. Reduce what you have and declutter.

All your efforts of organizing things will be futile if you are keeping too much useless stuff in your home. Try to regularly throw out the stuff that you do not need. Some people have a kitchen full of utensils that are damaged, a pantry with many expired items, a closet with too many old clothes that are no longer used.

Organizing your home is not a one-time task; you have to check out these things regularly and segregate the things you need and the things you don’t. Further, this will help to create a lot more space in your organized home and make the stuff that you need regularly more accessible.

9. Don’t rush out to buy what you think you need.

Women are likely to be impulse purchasers, such as promotion or sale, other people’s recommendation. If you think you don’t have this stuff, you need this and will use it in the future. Or why not buy it now since it’s such a good deal? Thus, you have a lot of unnecessary stuff at home.

The best bet is to organize first and then write down what you must buy on a purchase list before you go shopping. Make sure everything has a purpose and a place. Follow your list, don’t look around in the supermarket, otherwise, you will buy more.

More stuff you have bought, more decluttering you need.

10. Donate the excess.

There might be a lot of things in your home that are lingering around for no reason isn’t wrecked enough to be permanently thrown away into the waste bin. These are the types of things that you should consider donating to people who really need them.

Maybe, you have a lot of toys in your home, and your children have grown up. You may want to keep some of them as a memory, but you probably don’t need a vast majority of those. So, simply donate to organizations or orphanages. Similarly, clothes and furniture can be donated away.

Don’t try to pour into your friends’ or relatives’ homes, because they may not need your stuff. They will be annoyed by your stuff.

11. Resell your unwanted stuff

There might be some more expensive things that you can consider reselling. Maybe, you have an old, functioning refrigerator or a piece of furniture that you do not use anymore, but for some reason, you haven’t done anything about them. The best way to get rid of such items is to simply drop them off at a local charity shop or second-hand reseller. This way, you will be having some extra money and more free space.

What Kinds of Things Can We Store At an Organized Home?

Whether you are moving home, decluttering, or planning to upgrade interior design, there are always some items you need to store at home just in case of future use. The following are things we should keep in the basement or storage room.

1. Kitchen utensils.

These are important daily used items, easily get messy and organized. Use kitchen cabinet drawers or pegboards to store cooking tools.

store kitchen utensils in drawers

2. Basic home tools.

We always need some tools to fix our home, such as screwdrivers, cordless electric screwdriver kit, drill, tape measure, hammer, nails of different sizes, duct tape, level, pliers, utility knife, putty knife, handsaw, adjustable wrench, ladder, if you are good at DIY, you might also need more professional tools. To save our searching time, all these tools can be organized on a wire hanging wall grid panel.

use pegboard to organize home tools

3. Gardening tools.

If you have a garden and enjoy gardening, some gardening tools are essential.
Such as pruning shears, knife, rubber and fabric gloves, different sized shovels, garden hoe, watering hose or can, wheelbarrow. These gardening tools can be organized in the wheelbarrow to save space, or in a movable gardening tool shed.

store garden tools in a garden shed

4. Seasonal beddings, clothes, shoes, accessories, and toys.

We should have designated storage boxes to store seasonal items. You will find things easier if you separate once-a-year items from multiple-times-a-year items. Seasonal beddings, clothes, shoes, and accessories are multiple-times-a-year items.

sort items by season

5. Holiday decorations.

Holiday decorations are once-a-year items as you only take them out for holiday. You can store them together.

Christmas ornaments storage box

6. Sports or games equipment

You benefit from sports, so you may buy equipment for different sports, such as swimming wear, balls, helmets, bicycles,s and protection kits. It is necessary to keep all sports gear together in a designated area in the garage or house. Use hooks, baskets, shelves, and hangers to air dry them.

organize all sport gears on the rack

In fact, it doesn’t matter how big your home is, how much stuff you own, how rich you are, it really matters if there was love and happiness in it. An organized home does improve your life quality, improve your relationships. But the most important is that you and your roommates have found a comfortable home-style for all. If you find that decluttering home has been a way of relaxing after a day of tight work or full-time mommy, then please enjoy the way you live. We’re encouraging people to live their own lifestyles.

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