6 Best Party Balloons that Spice up Any Events

When it comes to celebratory events, balloons are undoubtedly a popular party decoration since they were invented two centuries ago. They can be used to spice up any occasion, including a wedding, baby shower, or backyard barbecue. However, it really requires some skills to find the right balloons for your party with so many options. Here are all the basics about balloons to help you make an informed decision.

Best Party Balloons

1. Dusico Assorted Color Latex Balloons 12 Inches 100 Pcs

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Bargain pick


  • Rainbow colors to match any party theme
  • Easy to inflate with helium or air


  • Some balloons are not durable enough

2. GIHOO 137PCS Olive Green Balloon Garland Arch Kit

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Best for people who are not creative in balloon party


  • Pretty colors and cute garland design
  • Easy to put together
  • Perfect decorations for most celebrations


  • Not come with a pump. It’s better to buy an electric pump.

3. KatchOn Metallic Balloons 22-Inch 6 Pcs

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Vibrant and metallic


  • Mylar and foil add a shiny effect
  • Reusable and not easy to pop
  • Multiple color options for various theme parties
  • Come in 6 pcs of balloons


  • Not all balloons are round after inflation

4. Rimobul Long Twisting Animal Balloons

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Kids' favorite


  • Thickened latex
  • Come in 100 pcs
  • Great balloons for garlands


  • For hygiene, it’s best to inflate the balloons with an inflator

5. OuMuaMua Jungle Safari Animals Balloons 6-Pcs

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Last update was on: June 25, 2024 7:21 am
Adorable and unique


  • Adorable animal theme
  • Thick and auto sealing mylar
  • Double-sided design
  • Fill with air or helium if floating needed
  • Come in 6 pcs different designs


  • Deflate in short time if not well-sealed

6. VUMSUM 120-inch Chrome Metallic Balloons for Party 50 pcs

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Last update was on: June 25, 2024 7:21 am
Classy and shiny


  • Most are thick and durable
  • Various metallic color options
  • Safe to use
  • Fill with air, helium


  • Because of odor and powder, it’s best to use a pump to blow up the balloons.

What to Consider When Choosing Party Balloons?

Balloons are one of the most popular ways to decorate special occasions. They can be filled with gas(such as hydrogen, nitrous oxide, or oxygen), liquid water, smoke, or granular media for special tasks.
No matter you are choosing ballons in grocery stores, party supply shops, or online such as Amazon, there are some important factors you need to take into account:

Different types of party balloons

Latex balloons

Latex balloons are the most popular due to their low prices and ease to purchase. They are made from liquid rubber which is derived from rubber trees. They are elastic and can take up to 5x more air than their normal size. If you are choosing balloons for regular party needs, they are the gold standard. However, the air in latex balloons can’t keep long because the rubber material is porous and will eventually leak air.

Regular latex balloons are different from helium balloons. Normal latex balloons are able to tolerate helium but won’t last nearly as long as helium balloons. A regular latex balloon can hold helium for 8-10 hours after inflation. However, a helium latex ball can last up to 4 days. This is a great option for party planners who wish to prepare floating balloons several days in advance.

There are a few drawbacks to using latex balloons for decoration. These balloons can oxidize quickly and look dull or chalky. Airflow and sunlight can accelerate this process. They are also made from extremely thin material, which is easy to pop, as compared with other types of balloons. They are not good for use in hospitals or medical settings because of their allergy to latex.

Mylar balloons

Mylar balloons also called foil balloons, are popular because of their visual impact. They have a metallic foil-like texture that spells out numbers and words. They are not made of latex, but a variety of materials. Mylar, which is a type of nylon, forms the base material of the balloon. Aluminum foil is then added to the balloon as a thin layer. Mylar balloons can be made into many shapes, including numbers and letters. Compared with latex or helium latex balloons, they are more durable but less elastic.

Mylar balloons have several disadvantages. Mylar balloons can be difficult to recycle because they are made from different materials. Tossing them away could be extremely harmful to the environment.
These balloons have a longer float life than latex balloons but helium can still escape and cause them to become saggy over time. Most importantly, mylar balloons cannot expand or contract. They may deflate or even burst due to temperature fluctuations.

Vinyl balloons

Vinyl balloons are made from UV-resistant vinyl material. They look similar to latex balloons but are reusable outdoor balloons. Generally, vinyl balloons can last for months, sometimes even years, because they don’t require helium. They can be attached to a strong fiberglass stem and inflated with air. Vinyl balloons can be placed outdoors and can withstand rain, sunlight, wind, and other elements while still maintaining their shape and shine. These balloons offer a great return on your investment as they don’t need to be replaced as often, which saves you money and time in the long run.

Allergies to latex

Latex balloons have a fine powder to release them from the mold. This can lead to allergic reactions in some people. You can avoid any contact with latex balloons or prevent allergic reactions by using different types of balloons at your party.


Are you looking for balloons shaped into animals, or other unique shapes? Besides those produced shapes, long twisting latex balloons are elastic and strong enough to be shaped into a variety of shapes if you know a bit of skill.

Foil balloons usually come in dozens of produced shapes, from the traditional balloon shape to spiral or heart-shaped balloons. You can also find balloons in shapes like characters and other popular objects such as flowers.

Theme and color

You can match any decor with party balloons in a variety of colors and themes.

Balloons are suitable for any occasion, from pink and blue to polka dots. For kids’ birthday parties, cartoon and character balloons are very popular!

Many balloons are available in matching packages, such as plates, cups, or tablecloths.


There are many options for inflating balloons, depending on what type you have. Mylar balloons may need a helium pump. You can rent or purchase helium tanks at party supply shops or online. There are many sizes of helium tanks. Their capacity is measured in cubic feet. It’s important that you know how many balloons you will need to inflate before choosing the right size tank.

Most party shops will also inflate balloons. You will need to transport the balloons if you inflate a lot of them. To avoid transport issues, it may be a good idea to rent or purchase a tank. Who wants to spend extra on balloon delivery the day before the party!

You can either use an electric or manual balloon pump to inflate non-helium balloons. Although manual hand pumps work in the same way as bicycle pumps, it is faster and easier to use an electric pump if you are at a large event.


Balloon ribbon is an essential part of decorating party balloons. It acts as an anchor or tie to hold the balloons in their place. You can curve the ribbon to add an extra decorative element. It comes in many colors and styles.

You may need a weight to keep helium balloons down if you are using them for decorating. If the balloons are centerpieces on a table, a weight can be useful.


The cost of party balloons depends on the balloon types and inflation material and accessories you will use. Latex balloons are much cheaper than foil balloons. Regular latex or foil balloons are cheaper than helium latex or foil balloons because you need to buy helium, as well as you pay nothing to inflate balloons with air.

If you want the party decorations to last longer, foil balloons are better than latex balloons. If you plan to hold an outdoor party or reuse your balloons, vinyl balloons may be a better choice in the long term.

How To Blow Up Balloons?

Blow up a balloon by mouth. It is easy but you should clean the balloon’s mouth before blowing.
Use a straw to blow up a balloon. Avoid contact between the straw top and balloon, the straw may damage your balloon.
Use an electric balloon pump, or air compressor, to inflate balloons with air.
Use a helium tank to fill balloons with helium gas, to make them float.

What Can You Put Inside A Balloon?

As long as the balloon is durable enough and will not pop easily, you can put anything unsharp inside a balloon, such as dolls, smaller balloons, money, jewelry, light string, flower, treats, paper confetti, and so on. You can cut and use a plastic bottle opening to fill these items into the balloon.


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