20 Best Shoe Organizers to Declutter Your Footwear

Even if your shoe collection is limited. It is daunting to keep all the heels, flip flops, boots, flats, and sandals from cluttering your closet. Organizing your shoe collection saves space, and protects your valuable collection. Luckily, there are just as many ways of organizing your shoe collection as there are shoe styles! Safeguarding your shoes against the elements is not difficult. It only requires the willingness to do it.

Consideration Before Organizing Shoes

Only keep what you really love and need.

The first step is to determine if a pair of shoes warrants your precious space. Take a look at your collection and separate any shoes you have not used in more than a year. Perhaps they do not fit your lifestyle anymore, or they are just uncomfortable. It is a safe bet that you will not be wearing them again. If the shoes are in good condition you can donate them otherwise bin them.

Know the size of your collection and organizers.

The size of your final collection determines the size of the organizers. Different people prefer different methods of organizing. There is no single method that works for everyone.

The single, most important factor is usually the amount of space available. If you have lots of space, you can display all of your collection. If your space is limited, you can separate your shoes according to the season. The out-of-season pairs can be tucked away out of sight. Perhaps under a bed, in a basement, or the attic. You can switch according to seasons. Naturally, this constant switching requires more effort. But with limited closet space, there is no other option.

Group the display

Once you have finalized the shoes you want to keep on display, you can further categorize them. Separate your shoes by type and then by color. So group all heels, flats, sandals, and athletic shoes separately. Finally, arrange each type by color. You can start with dark shades and move towards light ones or visa-versa.

Now you are ready to arrange your shoes in your designated space or closet. The majority of the people combine a couple of different methods for the best results.

Hanging Organizers for Door & Closet

When the amount of floor space you have is limited, it is time to use your doors. Using over the door rack is a good way of keeping shoes within easy reach while saving shelf and floor space.

They are best-loved because they require no additional hardware. If you are in a rental apartment or a dorm, these work best. You do not have to worry about making that the landlord may object to. They are easy to remove and take with you when moving time comes.

However, before you make an order, you need to check the following things:

  • What is the material of the hanging shoe organizer?
    There are many materials you can choose from. They include plastic, metal, canvas fabric, and mesh. The material of the rack determines its durability. A sturdy material will hold the test of time but cost a little more. The plastic material makes your shoes easy to see. All these materials are easily cleaned with simple wiping.
  • What is the material of hooks? Will the hooks damage the door? 
    Most of the door-hanging racks use large, sturdy metal hooks to support the racks. These can easily be flung on the door top.  Good quality hooks with suitable sizes will not damage the door.
  • Are the hooks suitable for your door thickness? 
    Usually, the hooks do not hinder the door from closing and opening. This requires you to measure the door thickness, the gap between the door top and door frame, the space behind the door. Unfitting hooks will affect the closing of the thick door.
  • How much weight can they hold?
    The hanging shoe rack is lightweight. The weight it can hold depends on its material and the quality of your door.
  • What type of shoes and how many pairs of shoes they can store?
    You need to know the size of each compartment and pocket. Also, the shoe types are also an important factor. Men’s shoes require more pockets than women’s shoes and kids’. Boots and high heels need more space than flats and sandals.

1. 36-Pair Over The Door 12-Tier Metal Mesh Shoe Rack

This is available at Walmart and has the capacity to hold up to 36 pairs of shoes. It comes with mesh lining at the back so the door does not get scuffed.  The adjustable hooks can fit over any door size. It makes the most use of the dead space behind your door. You can glide your shoes freely.

Mainstays 36 pair over the door 12 tier metal mesh shoe rack

Source: Walmart.com

2. Lynk® 36 Pair Overdoor Shoe Organizer

With this overdoor shoe organizer, you can neatly display your shoes behind the door. The door bracket is adjustable and durable enough to hold different types of shoes or shoeboxes. It is easy to assemble and also suitable for permanent wall mounting.

Lynk® 36 pair overdoor shoe organizer

Source: Wayfair.com

3. 24-Pocket Over-the-Door Shoe Bag

This comes with reinforced transparent pockets for extra durability. The top has a reinforced metal bar to prevent sagging. It is available at The Container Store. This is also a great organizer to store beauty products, cleaning supplies, kid’s toys in other spaces. There are also mesh version shoe organizers, which are breathable and collapsable.

24-pocket peva over the door shoe bag

Source: containerstore.com

4. 24 Mesh Pockets Closet Shoe Holder

over door mesh shoes organizer

Source: Amazon MISSLO

5. 10-Compartment Natural Canvas Hanging Shoe Organizer

This organizer allows you to maximize the vertical space in the closet. You can organize 10 pairs of women’s shoes or five pairs of men’s using only 5″ of closet rod space. The 10 compartments are also suitable for folded sweaters, scarves, pants, etc.

10-compartment natural canvas hanging shoe organizer

Source: containerstore.com

6. 18-Pocket Shoe File

This is a space-friendly shoe storage solution, which keeps your sneakers and flats off the floor. The pockets do not take up a lot of hanging space in your closet. It can also hold your accessories.

PEVA 18-Pocket Shoe File

Source: containerstore.com

Making Use of Wall Space

There are several ways you can use wall space to organize your clothes. Depending on how much wall space you have any of the below-mentioned options will work great.

7. Use Tension Rods

In a section of your closet or any small alcove, attach a thin tension rod to the wall. Attach a second one about six inches lower and extending a few inches in front of the first rod. You can now hook the heel of any shoe on the top rod and let the sole rest on the lower rod. Depending on how high you want to go, you can build two or three tiers.

tension rod DIY shoe rack

Source: made2style.com

8. Build Your Own With Wall Moldings

Create your own personalized shoe rack with inexpensive wall trim. Grab some base and crown trims of your choice from a home store near you. Attach the two parts at a small angle to each other. A nail gun or glue can be used to do this. Attach your newly crafted shoe holder to the wall. You can create rows to hold more shoes and even paint the holder in colors of your choice.

 crown molding DIY shoe rack

Source: shoe-tease.com

9. Floating Shelves For Shoes

Floating shelves are a great way to sort and display your shoes. They are relatively cheap, can be attached in any nook or corner, and take up no floor space.

floating shelves for shoes

Source: Pinterest Buzzfeed

10. Adjustable Shoe Slots Organizer

Adding this shoe stacker will double the storage capacity immediately. The adjustable design is versatile for neatly organizing high heels, regular sneakers at the bottom of your clothes closet.

adjustable shoe slots organizer shoe stacker

Source: Amazon Neprock

11. Adjustable Shoe Rack For Sneakers

This shoe rack is easy to assemble as a tower or as a shoe organizer in the existing closet. The non-slip stacker can grip your sneakers greatly. When it gets dirty, you can easily wash it with water and soap.

adjustable shoe rack

Source: Amazon ACPOP

12. Build a PVC Pipe Shoe Rack

PVC pipes are great for holding your shoes. Grab a pipe wide enough to hold a pair of shoes. Have it cut in lengths long enough so your shoe will fit inside. You can glue the pieces together in any shape you desire from the basic rectangular or circular and triangular. You can use your own artistic abilities to come into play and design something more creative. There is the option of hanging your creation on a wall or just putting it on the floor.

Additional methods

There are some additional methods you can use to sort your shoes. These strategies do not fit in any of the above categories. They include the following.

13. Under The Bed

One of the best ways to store seasonal shoes is by using an under-bed shoe organizer. These containers slide under the bed with ease. They are made of heavy-duty plastic with partitions and are available in different sizes. The best part about them is that they utilize a space that otherwise goes to waste. Your shoes are protected from dust, moisture, and bugs while tucked away safely under the bed.

Source: Amazon Woofit

14. Rackems Boot Rack

This boot holder is perfect for drying out your boots neatly off the floor. A steel-made shoe rack can hold the weight of your damp boots, gloves, especially when you live in the country. The upside-down style makes no worry about things or bugs going into the boots.

boot rack

Source: Amazon Horizon

15. Multipurpose All-Season Boot Tray

With a boot tray on the entryway, you do not need to worry about the mud and dirt leaving a mess in the house on rainy days. You can also rest your umbrella here.

multipurpose all season boot tray

Source: Amazon Ottomanson

16. Freestanding Rolling Shoe Racks

There is a multitude of rack designs, materials, and sizes you can choose from. You can get racks with wheels so they can easily be rolled into the closet. Freestanding racks can be used to hold all types of shoes from flip-flops to knee-high boots. You can place them near the entrance door so all shoes are neatly put away or under the stairs. Anywhere you have space.

10-tier 50 pair freestanding rolling shoe rack

Source: Amazon Whitmor

17. Wire/Plastic Baskets

This is another great option for sorting shoes. Keep in mind that baskets tend to take up more floor space compared to some other methods. They are great when it comes to sorting the shoes of different family members. If there are small children in the house, the various family members can put shoes in different colored baskets.

wire shoe basket

Source: Amazon mDesign

18. See-Through Containers

Individually put your shoes in see-through containers with lids. They are well protected against all elements. You can easily decide which shoe you need since you can clearly see each shoe. They can be stacked on top of each other to save some space. They can be kept on the floor or high on the closet top shelf.

stackable clear shoe container

Source: Amazon Waytrim

19. Adjustable 3-Tier Wire Shoe Rack

This revolving shoe tree rack goes vertically and can store up to 18 pairs of shoes. The three tiers can separately adjust their height to accommodate different shoe sizes. It is a flexible shoe rack for the corner.

adjustable round wire shoe rack

Source: Amazon Honey-Can-Do

20. Loon Peak 9 Pair Stackable Shoe Storage Bench

Don’t you think this solid wood bench is so suitable for the entryway of your home? It has compartments to display your daily footwear and a small cabinet with a door to store some accessories. It is a combination style of antique and practical. Throw a pillow here and add that cozy feeling to this corner.

Loon Peak 9 pair stackable shoe storage bench

Source: Wayfair.com

When it comes to shoes, almost everyone runs out of space. There are many different types of shoe sorting and storing mediums available. They come in all different price ranges, sizes, and styles. There are sure to be a few that will suit your pocket and space needs. A lot of shoe racks are customizable. You can add-on to them to make them as large as you need or just keep them small. At the end of the day, the best shoe rack is the one that serves your needs in the most convenient way possible.

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