6 Minimalist Key Points to Choose Parenting Essentials

Every parent wants to give their children everything. They hope their children can have more than they had, more love, and more protection. However, everyone has limited energy. If you try to do everything for your children, you will be exhausted soon. As a result, you will feel less joy and energy in bringing up your children. It’s time to filter out the noise and focus your energy on the important things.

Minimalism is not only about letting go of your stuff, but also about focusing on your favorite stuff and living an un-wasteful life.

In this article, we’ll be discussing how to choose parenting essentials in a minimalist way. Read on to learn how to execute the rule “Less is More”.

1. Apparel

Buy kid’s clothes only when the season is actually coming. Otherwise, the pre-stocked clothes may be too tight or too loose.

It’s very convenient to buy kids’ clothes online or in the grocery store based on your kids’ height and weight. There is no need to stock too many clothes and shoes ahead. 5 sets, no more than 10 sets, are enough for kids under 6. The premise is you should wash up clothes when the clothes get dirty.

Kids grow so fast. You may find that your kids’ clothes get tight or short soon, especially coats and sweaters. That’s a waste as these clothes are usually expensive and still new when they are not suitable anymore.

This way, you can also find some used but good clothes or shoes from friends or relatives with little ones. Some parents like used clothes because these clothes are softer and safe for kids’ tender skin. You don’t need to worry about any toxic ingredients.

Buy socks with the same patterns and colors. So you can easily match if a sock is missing. This always happens.

2. Shoes

It’s essential to buy 2 pairs of comfortable sports shoes for your kids. Some people would like to buy shoes according to the occasion. But for kids, comfort should always go first. Kids love jumping, chasing, and running. Those adorable kids’ sports shoes are versatile for any occasion.

3. Books

Borrow kids’ books from the library or share books with mom-friends. They can read as many as books at the lowest cost. And you don’t need to deal with the full bookshelves at home.

If you have a lot of books for kids, don’t forget to rotate the books on the lower shelves, so that your kids can always find something fresh and interesting.

4. Toys

Kids can always find joy in exploring home stuff. Use what you have to make toys with the kids. Ask for help from the kids when you are baking, cooking, cleaning, or washing. They will be pleased to help and play. If you don’t know how to make it, you can learn that with your kids together.

However, it’s best to reduce screen time and entertainment time for our children. We should leave them more time to be bored. Give them space and time to explore. You will be amazed by their creation and innovation.

Are you one of those parents who shouted at your children to tidy up their rooms? Buying too many toys can lead to a messy home. And this clutter can cause higher stress levels in families. Actually, kids are eager to buy toys just because of the toy colors and designs. These temporary desires of playing with toys only last a very short time and can be easily distracted by other interesting things. If you buy fewer toys and reduce stuff at home, it will be easier to clean up your home. Save money, save time, and energy.

Moreover, research shows that long-term happiness is linked to the love and memory of being together. Spending more on your children does not increase a child’s long-term happiness.

5. Safety Products

There are various safety products in the market. You should choose according to your home conditions. But the most important thing is to reduce things. Less stuff, less risk.

After reducing stuff in rooms, hiding dangerous small items, and fixing the tall cabinet and tables, you can choose some regular safety products, such as EVA strips for table edges, door stoppers, cabinet lockers, and stair gates.

Another important safety product you should consider is the car seat. If you often drive out with your family, a car seat is essential.

However, we should leave space for our children; allow them to explore the world around them, and make some mistakes. Even if it means climbing up to the top without your protection, using a scissor to cut papers, cutting fruits with a blunt knife, and holding a glass bowl or ceramic plate. Instead of insisting on safety, we should encourage a sense of responsibility as well as natural curiosity. So they will not lose their independence and confidence. And your children should be able to enjoy life to its fullest.

6. Kids’ Dining Furniture

A high chair with footrests will help your child develop a good sitting position with their feet flat on a footrest. Your kid will not sit idly during meals. High chairs are usually steady and rarely tend to tip over. The biggest downfall of the high chair is that will take up too much space in the room. If you have limited space, you can choose a booster seat or hook-on high chair.

A booster seat is designed for children who can sit up well unassisted. It is a compact seat with a flat, wide base. It is more versatile for taking care of your child at home and in-vehicle. You can use a set of straps to attach it firmly to the dining chair or use it directly on the ground.

A hook-on high chair has no legs and is compact and easy to clean. It can be attached to a firm dining table or countertop. This type of high chair usually has no tray and allows your child to sit closer to the table.
The hook-on high chair requires a stable, solid, and heavier dining table or countertop, best solid wood or stone table. It’s not safe to clip it on a lightweight glass table. Both booster seats and hook-on high chairs require careful installation before use. just in case of any baby fall accidents.

Kids’ dining furniture should be easy to clean and dry with a damp cloth and detergent, and sometimes can be washed. Otherwise, the dropped food debris may cause mold in the seat.

It is crucial to ensure your baby’s head control and coordination before you use a booster seat high-chair. Your child should be able to sit for a certain amount of time and will not fall over while sitting.

Never leave your child alone in a high chair, hook-on high chair, or booster chair, even for a few minutes. Because infants may fall over, especially when they can crawl or stand up (usually over 8 months).


Parenting is out of love, not fear. No matter what lifestyle you are living, the above tips for choosing parenting essential things aim to help you filter out the noise, and allow you to have more time to focus on important things. The essentials of parenting are moderate love and accompany.

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