6 Best Car Covers to Offer Perfect Protection

No matter where you live, your car may be dusty. Car cleaning can be a big amount of expense for car owners. How to save your time and money on car washing? A quality car cover can be very helpful.

The car cover is a woven fabric layer that covers the car and protects it from paint damage, scratches, bird droppings, and dust, as well as potential damage from rain, hail, and other environmental factors. It’s often used to cover a vehicle that hasn’t been used in a while and keep it clean and dust-free. Different car covers serve different needs. You need to know what you should look for when choosing the right car cover, and the proper way to attach the car cover.

Best Car Covers

1. Kayme Car Cover

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Convenient and weatherproof


  • Rainproof and snowproof car cover at affordable price
  • Various sizes for trucks, sedans, and SUVs
  • Anti-UV aliminum coating
  • Reflective stripes for safety placement
  • Soft cotton layer to protect paint
  • Come with a storage bag


  • Improper fit reports. You can get the detailed dimensions of your car from the car website before purchase.
  • Not suitable for strong wind.

2. iCarCover Car Cover

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Weatherproof for all seasons


  • UV heat protection experior and soft interior
  • Heavy-duty strap for durable attachment
  • Easy to put on and take off


  • Not completely waterproof.

3. Motor Trend SafeKeeper Car Cover

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All season use


  • Made of multi-layer reinforced polyester
  • Perfect fit
  • Resistant to wind


  • Complaints of cracking after several months of use in the sun.
  • A bit heavy for some people to handle

4. Leader Accessories Car Cover

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Bargain pick


  • Adjustable elastic bottom strap
  • Made of breathable non-woven fabric
  • Good size fit


  • Can’t last long under the sun or rain. Better for interior use.
  • Not waterproof

5. Tecoom Hard Shell Car Cover

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Lighweight yet durable


  • Heat insulation and fast drying
  • Durable wind straps with a door zipper
  • Outdoor protection for the car paint


  • Cannot withstand heavy rainstorm but work well with light rain.

6. Favoto Full Exterior Cover Car

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Last update was on: April 6, 2024 4:42 pm
Affordable cover for hot weather


  • Water-resistant material
  • Provide sun and sand protection
  • A soft inner liner and reflective silver exterior make the car cool
  • Easy to put on and take off


  • A bit thin
  • Not completely waterproof

What to Consider When Buying a Car Cover?

While there are many reasons to buy a car cover. The basic function of everyone is to protect your vehicle against dirt, scratches, and attention. Car covers nowadays offer a variety of options and features to meet all your requirements. Consider the following when looking for a car covering.


Car cover size should be the first consideration. The dimensions of trucks, sedans, and SUVs are different. Many people will choose standard-size car covers. Some automakers often offer bespoke, snug-fitting covers as a dealer option for your particular vehicle. These covers come with a loftier price tag but look great and fit like a glove.

Also, there are a variety of affordable car covers, which have universal sizes that can fit a range of smaller or larger vehicles. However, a too-large car cover will cause it to flap in the wind, allowing debris and water in. While a too-small car cover will not protect certain parts of your vehicle.

Before you buy a car cover, be sure to measure your vehicle.It’s a good idea to check the car website with your car model number, and you will get the detailed dimensions of your car.

The description or packaging of all car covers will indicate the dimensions. This allows you to match your vehicle with the correct car cover size before taking it out of its packaging.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor

You should buy a car cover based on where you will use it. The material of a car cover will determine whether it is suitable for outdoor or indoor protection.
If you store your car outside, you’ll want a high-quality outdoor car cover with multiple layers that protect against dents, dings, sun, debris, snow, rain, and other elements.
If you store it in a garage or carport, you’ll need minimal protection, mostly from dust and dirt. Indoor car covers will likely have only one layer of polyethylene or cotton.


It is important to consider the material composition. Your primary use will dictate the type of material that you choose. There are four main materials used to make car covers.

  • Cotton: Cotton is usually used as the inner layer of the car covers. It is soft and can protect the car paint and prevent moisture from forming mold. Some heavy-duty cotton covers are more durable and can protect your vehicle from all environmental threats, such as vandalism by humans or animal attacks.
  • Aluminum: This material protects your car from the sun. It reflects harmful UV rays away and helps to keep your car cool during warm weather.
  • Synthetic fabric: Polyethylene is a flexible, light, and durable plastic. It is used as an outer defense layer, can protect your car from water and bird droppings. Lightweight Nylon covers are often used to provide basic protection against the sun and wind. These covers can be used for “off-and-on” protection.


A car cover may have only one layer or multiple layers of fabric. One-layer car covers are suitable for temporary storage in a garage but not for long-term preservation. While multiple layers car covers can provide the greatest protection for your cars.

Many high-quality car covers have 2-5 layers of fabric between their interior cotton layer and exterior synthetic water-resistant layers. This makes multi-layer car covers last a long time.


An insulated heavy-duty car cover can be beneficial for vehicles that are exposed to extreme temperatures.

In chilly winter, it can be exhausting to remove snow from your car’s body and windscreen. The car cover can insulate your vehicle to protect the electrical components and prevent moisture damage. It prevents snow and ice from sticking to your car. In hot summer, the insulation of car covers will shield your car interior furnishments from UV rays and heat.

Nylon car covers are lighter than their heavier counterparts and offer less heat protection. Muli-layers models perform well in all-weather protection for outdoor parking.

Easy to use

You should consider how easy it is to use your car cover if you plan to cover and uncover your vehicle every day or more often. Car covers made of heavy-duty cotton can be difficult to use on a daily basis. Lighter material is better if you are looking for a car cover that is easy to use.


Cloth covers can be attached to your car with either string tie-downs or elastic. While elastic is more convenient to apply and remove, it can also be more likely to slip or fall off in windy conditions. You can use wind straps and an elastic bottom to protect your car cover from being blown away by strong winds.

How to Use Car Cover Properly and Safely?

Measure your vehicle before making a purchase. Otherwise, you may find it doesn’t fit.

Take your antenna down before covering your vehicle if you don’t want your antenna to get severe damage.

Deep clean your vehicle before parking a long time.

Attach your car cover as tight as possible. You can use small clamps and wind straps to secure the car cover, especially when it is in high winds. Otherwise, you may lose your car cover.

Do not drive your car when it’s covered.

Don’t sit in a car in a hot climate even it’s covered with a car cover.

Don’t expect a fully waterproof outdoor car cover. The main purpose of an outdoor cover is to protect the paint from UV, hail, leaves, and bird droppings. Even waterproof material can not withstand heavy rainstorms.

Be aware of the surroundings if you plan on installing your car cover while parking on the street. Safety should always be your top priority.

Will Car Covers Scratch the Car Paint?

Some models made of stiff fabric may scratch the paint, but if it has a soft fleece or cotton interior, it’s less likely to scratch the paint. In addition, it’s also important to install the car cover in the correct way.

Can I Wash My Car Cover When It’s Dirty?

Yes. You can wash the cover in different ways depending on its material. For the best cleaning instructions, refer to the product manual.


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