8 Best Draft Stoppers to Effectively Block Air, Smells

Air leakage control is one of the most important steps in any home upgrade plan. It not only makes the heating or cooling system more effective but also saves up to 20% of your annual energy bill. You may upgrade the insulation system or install an air barrier to control the air in or out of the home.

Draft stoppers are a convenient and easy way to achieve the goal. They are physical barriers that are filled with foam, beads, or other insulation to prevent unwanted air from entering and leaking. Simply place the stopper on the bottom of the door, they can close the gaps between your floor and your door.

There are many draft stopper designs on the market. Draft stoppers of today are modern and sleek, available in a variety of colors. They are also designed with helpful, thoughtful features that are an improvement on their predecessors. They can attach magnetically to your door, fill in the gap from both sides or hang from your doors when not in use.

Best Draft Stoppers

1. MAGZO Door Draft Stopper 36-Inch

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Good weight

2. DECOREALM Heavy Duty Door Draft Stopper

$29.90 $44.95 in stock
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Last update was on: June 15, 2024 8:38 pm
Soft and effective

3. MAGZO Animal Shape Door Draft Stopper 36-inch

$22.88 $29.25 in stock
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Last update was on: June 15, 2024 8:38 pm
Adorable and useful

4. Mikosi Silicone Seal Strip

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Ideal for stopping heat or cold air leakage

5. TORRAMI Wide Silicone Draft Stopper Seal

$30.58 in stock
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Good quality gap solution

6. Papillon Threshold Seal Strip

$40.97 $59.99 in stock
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Heavy-duty and effective door seal

7. Tarose Weather Stripping Silicone Door Seal Strip

$8.99 $14.99 in stock
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All-weather and solid

8. Holikme 2-Pack Door Draft Stopper

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Last update was on: June 15, 2024 8:38 pm
Affordable pick

What to Consider When Buying Draft Stoppers?


What is your purpose in using a stopper under the door? Are you blocking the air and smells? Or are you using it to block the crawlies and rats? Your purpose decides what kind of products you will need.


Best materials for exterior door draft stoppers

Draft stoppers made of silicone or vinyl are most suitable for exterior doors. They are weatherproof, can resist humidity and sunlight exposure. If your threshold gets wet frequently, a silicone or vinyl draft stopper will be the best option. There are adhesive behind the strip, therefore, when you are installing a silicone stopper to the door, heating the adhesive can ensure tight installation. They slide better on smooth floors, which prevents them from tearing. They work well on blocking air, and bugs. The thick solid color models can reduce some light, but have weak effects on noise.

Best materials for interior door draft stoppers

Draft stoppers with foam fillings and fabric covering are a good option for interior doors. They are lightweight and can cover any gap under doors and windows. Because they are not able to hold their own weight, they must be attached to your door using magnets, clips, or other materials. The dual-side models which can block air from both inside and outside, don’t need an attachment to install.

Some stoppers have durable fabric coverings, such as linen or plush, which can withstand frequent abrasion on the floor.
Many draft stoppers make use of plastic beads and crushed rocks, which have a significant weight and can hole the stoppers in place. These beads are usually combined with other materials and are heavier than foam. They are less likely to break and shift in strong winds. They can also block crawlies and rats to some extent.


It is important to measure your door before you shop for draft stoppers. Every gap height between the floor and door is different. Most are between 3-inch to 5-inch. The standard exterior door measures 36 inches in width. However, yours might be larger or smaller.

A stopper should be the right size for your door. You will have draft gaps where warm air can escape if the draft stopper you choose is too small. It may not fit flush against your door if it is too long. It may not be able to attach with magnets or clips if it is too long. This could negate the purpose of purchasing this handy feature.

You can cut some draft stoppers to your specifications. This is a great feature for homes with doors that are not standard or where you need extra space.


Modern draft stoppers have two styles: single-strip and double-sided. Because single-strip draft stoppers are not able to hold their own weight in wind, they must be attached to your door using magnets, clips, adhesive, or other materials. This will also enable the draft stopper to follow the door opening and closing. Therefore, there is no need to manually move the stoppers each time you enter or leave the room.

Draft stoppers can also be double-sided. They are made of two tubes that sandwich your doors in the middle. If the central portion of your door fits correctly, this design can provide twice the protection. However,  the connection between the fabric and the door must be not too high and too low. Too high, it can leave gaps. Too low and it could drag on the floor, and become stuck beneath.

Double-sided draft stoppers work well on covered porches or apartment buildings where the front door opens into an unheated hallway. A double-sided leather stopper can be used to prevent your front door from being exposed to snow, dirt, and ice.


There are many solid colors and adorable designs for draft stoppers. You can choose one to match your door, or a contrast color to create a fresh view. There are also some adorable animal plush draft stoppers, which are great options for bedrooms or kids’ rooms. If the draft stopper is for exterior doors, it’s better to choose a water-resistant or easy-to-wash draft stopper because it can be stained by dirt and water.

How to Store Draft Stoppers?

In order to protect your draft stoppers safe and neat in the off-season, it’s best to store them well in the closet.

If the draft stopper comes with a storage bag or box, you can store them in the original bag or box, because the manufacturer’s package is specifically designed for the product. They can protect your draft stoppers from getting ripped by any other items and pests.

However, if you don’t like the additional weight and appearance of the stopper on the front door in the summer. You can hang the draft stopper on the hook behind the closet door.

Make sure you have completely cleaned and dried the draft stoppers before any type of storage.

Are Draft Stoppers Machine-washable?

Not all draft stoppers are machine-washable. You’d better follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure the covering fabric and fillings are durable enough to withstand the tearing in the washing machine, while cheap models may be destroyed in the washing machine.

Is The Draft Stopper Removable? Or Will It Scratch The Finish On My Door?

Yes, most draft stoppers that have adhesive are removable.

To protect the finish on your door, use a hairdryer to heat the glue, it will be much easier to remove the draft stopper without leaving residue and scratching your door.

This solution is also useful for the firm installation of the draft stopper.

Can I Use Draft Stoppers In Summer?

Yes. Draft stoppers are useful for all seasons, as long as your heater or air conditioner is working. Draft stoppers can prevent warm or cold air leakage and block cold or warm air from entering the room. Hence, draft stoppers can save energy costs.


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