15 Gorgeous Fall Decor Ideas to Warm up Your Home

The best autumn home decorations are simple. It is all about the subtle transition into the winter months. The best way to approach autumn home decorations is by moving the natural fall colors indoors. This can be achieved by adding just one or two fall accents in every room of the house. The best approach is to stay focused and work on one room at a time.

In the living room, you can add small décor to bookshelves, mantel, or the coffee table. The bedroom can be decorated by changing pillow covers or throwing a rustic bed cover. A checkered throw blanket on the chair will also do the trick.

Fall is all about gourds, pumpkins, and pine cones. It is about seasonal scents and colorful leaves. All of these items make the best autumn decorations for both outdoors and indoors. Whether it is your entrance or the porch, accenting seasonal items transforms the look. Let us look at all the different ways you can make your home ready to welcome the autumn season.

1. Seasonal Front Door Wreaths

front door fall wreath with maple leaves, pine, orange,pumpkin

Autumn wreaths using orange tones with acorns, maple leaves, and pine cones never go out of style. The use of wreaths is not limited to outdoors only; they look equally good indoors also. You can hang a wreath on a mirror in your entrance or over a fireplace. Some points to consider when ready to purchase a wreath.

1. An autumn wreath for the front door provides stunning curb appeal in addition to an inviting ambiance. When looking for a wreath for your front door, the right size is essential. If it is too small, you will not get the desired impact and one that is too big will be overpowering.

2. Most people buy wreaths that are 24 inches in diameter and for a good reason too. This is because a standard door is 36 inches wide. If you hang a 24-inch wreath 14 inches from the top, you will be left with six inches on each side. This placement is ideal, as it will not cause any interference when the door is operated.

3. A lot of people enjoy the impact a large wreath offers. They are also more easily seen from the roadside. Like many people, if you rarely use your front door, then a full-size wreath will work great. A 36-inch wreath will take up the total width of your front door and give a very dramatic.

2. Pumpkins Galore

front door pumpkin fall deocr

There are several things you can do in your front yard to welcome the autumn season.

Faux pumpkins, also called “Funkins” look very realistic and can be used in several ways throughout the season. You can brighten up your front porch by planting mums directly from the nursery into the faux pumpkins. Another option, place a short vase in the pumpkin and add some fresh flowers.

Line or layer your walkway with a mixture of pumpkins and gourds in different sizes. Interlace with greens from your yard.

3. Sunflower Table Centerpiece

sunflower table centerpiece

Fall is the season full of yellow, orange, brown. Sunflower bouquet is a gorgeous addition to your fall decor on the table or fireplace. The bouquet adds an atmosphere of warmth and sweetness. Artificial sunflowers are budget-friendly but beautiful when you don’t have too much time to care for them. Simply put them into a beautiful vase or a mason jar can add a splash of color to your space.

4. Wheelbarrow

wheelbarrow flowers

The wheelbarrow is a great outdoor item. It can be used on the front porch, deck, or anywhere in your garden. You can plant seasonal flowers or fill them up with different-sized pumpkins, pine cones, colorful leaves, and more. Let your imagination run wild. Here are some tips on what to look for when looking to purchase a wheelbarrow.

The material of your wheelbarrow is vital to the type of you will be using it for. The steel tray ones can carry greater loads, but being heavier, they are harder to move. Ones with plastic trays are lighter hence easier to maneuver. However, you have to take care not to overload them.

Size is the second factor you should consider. Most common sizes range from four to eight cubic feet. For general garden work, six cubic feet is sufficient space. If you want to use it in autumn to plant seasonal flowers it will work well. However, if you are going to fill it up with pumpkins and gourds then a smaller one will suffice also.

The handle of the wheelbarrow will determine how comfortable it is to move around. Handles are usually made of steel or wood. Steel handles will be heavier but stronger whereas wood handles provide greater flexibility and are lighter.

Wheelbarrows are designed with single or dual wheels. Single wheel ones are more common, but they can be harder to control when heavy. The single-wheel ones are very stable, but more difficult to maneuver in tight areas.

5. Candles for Autumn Season

candle for autumn season

Get that first whiff of fall without having to take part in a harvest festival. Fall scented candles can be purchased in all shapes and sizes. Whether you prefer the woody aroma, salted caramel or spicy apple, you can get it all. Unscented candles are another great way to decorate any room in the house and bring a touch of autumn.

6. Fall Saying Picture Frame

fall saying picture frame

Hang the inspirational and autumn sayings wall decor wherever you like. The wooden frame will add a rustic yet modern touch to your home. The interchangeable options allow you to DIY with different signs all year long. If you are planning to hang the frame in the kitchen, bathroom, or on the porch, the picture with a plastic or glass cover will be the best.

7. Lanterns for Autumn

lantern for fall

No autumn must-have home decoration list is complete without lanterns. They are versatile because you can place them anywhere. They can go from a family room to a bedroom and even outdoors. You can buy them or make them as a do-it-yourself project and save some money.

Mason jar lanterns are made from your everyday jam jars with fairy lights inside. Store-bought ones come with a solar panel on the lid. They can be hung from a tree branch or strategically placed on the ledge of a patio.

Metal Frame lanterns are made using different metals like cast iron, copper or brass and have big glass panes. They can light up using a battery or solar power.

8. Fall Table Runner

fall style table runner

A table runner can turn an otherwise simple table into something special by adding color and texture. Besides the aesthetics, the table runner provides protection against damage from hot objects and spills. Pick a table runner that incorporates fall colors and designs. Consider the following factors when choosing your table runner.

The material of your runner is an important consideration. They can be purchased in cotton, linen, burlap, twill, and blended fabrics. Cotton fabric and withstand daily use with nominal care. Linen ones give off a rustic look and are great for casual use. Blended fabrics offer an artistic look and are available in some very distinctive styles. They can have scalloped or lacy edges.

Two styles of table runners are common: short and long. The short table runner draws more attention to the table centerpiece and leaves sufficient space for placemats. The long table runners extend over the two long sides of the table for a very dramatic effect.

To make sure you have the right size runner follow the following formula. Measure the width of the table and divide it by three. This is the width size of your runner. To determine the length of the long table runner, measure the length of the table and add at least six inches for each of the two edges. So a 20-inch width is sufficient for a 60-inch wide table. A table that is 40 inches long will need a runner that is 52 inches long.

9. Fall Throw Pillows

fall throw pillows

Throw pillows also known as accent pillows serve the single function of decorating. This is why any room in the house can benefit from a few of these scattered around. Whether it is a sofa, chair, settee, or bed, they look equally good. Adding pillows decorated with fall colors and designs are one of the easiest ways to welcome the autumn season.

How to arrange throw pillows perfectly?

Some general considerations to keep in mind when using throw pillows included.

  • If selecting solid colors go with the fall color palate like gold, bronze, rust, and orange.
  • Aim for systematic arrangement regardless of whether it is a chair or couch. Too many different fabrics or designs layered on top of one another give a muddled appearance.
  • There are a couple of ways to arrange throw pillows for the best visual impact. You can place the largest pillows on sofa corners, and smaller ones moving towards the middle. Alternatively, you can place one large pillow in the middle and smaller ones as you move towards the corners.
  • Lastly, the number of throw pillows you use on a sofa or bed depends on the size. You don’t want to go overboard!

What material is used for the throw pillow insert?

When selecting throw pillows one of the most important points to consider is the type of insert. If you invest in a good quality insert, it will last years. The benefit is that you can change covers to suit seasons. There are four main types of materials to choose from.

  • Polyester. This is a synthetic material and the cheapest option. It is a good choice if your pillow will only be used for display purposes. Like being put on a bed during the day but removed at night.
  • Down. These are more durable compared to the polyester versions. However, they can be twice as costly. They are long-lasting and can withstand use better. Placed on a sofa or a chair, they can be fluffed back up after use.
  • Foam. Pillows made from foam hold their shape better compared to either of the other two varieties. They are more commonly lumbar or squared throw pillows.
  • Combination pillows with 95% feathers and 5% down tend to be most comfortable. They are also eco-friendly, unlike the foam or polyester ones. Needless to say, they are also usually the most expensive.

10. Maple tree lamp

maple tree lamp

Source: Amazon TURNMEON

When maple leaves turn reddish-orange or golden, it comes Autumn. Those brilliant colors are the color of fall.
You can easily place this perfect little tree anywhere at home. Warm up your space with the vibrant warm light of a maple tree lamp immediately. It is battery-operated and has adjustable branches, which allow you to shape the tree to fit any space.

11. Fall Shower Curtain

fall shower curtain with pumpkin, maple leaves, truck

Source: Amazon Pinata

A shower curtain is essential in the washroom to prevent water from splashing out of the shower stall. Thus, shower curtains are usually made of durable polyester to last longer without mildew. In order to protect your privacy, it must be thicker with beautiful prints. This shower curtain with vibrant colors and fall elements prints makes a great fall decoration around your bathtub.

12. Gnomes

gnomes lamp fall decor

Source: Amazon Likeny

Gnomes are known as helpful spirits for the family. Regardless of the material, they must be the cutest fall decorations in your home.

13.  Pumpkin Rug

pumpkin rug

Source: Amazon Rora

14. Wooden Door Sign

wooden door sign fall decor

Source: Amazon Likeny

15. Solar Decorative Garden Light

solar decorative outdoor light

  • Energy-efficiently LED lighting with solar charging, no battery needed
  • Automatically turn on at night and off during the day
  • Creative and waterproof wish bottle design
  • Add a warm touch in the yard or indoors

When is the best time to put out fall decors?

Around the middle of September. When the leaves turn from green to yellow, red or brown. After a few rainy days, the weather obviously turns cooler at night, and in the morning, this will be the best time to place your fall decorations.

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