18 Practical Housewarming Gifts That The Homeowners Actually Need

Hard to believe, but home sales have seen their greatest level since 2006, despite the pandemic. Even if you are not a new homeowner, chances are that someone you know recently purchased a house. This means you are in the market for a housewarming gift to celebrate your grand purchase. Whether you are a practical person and want to give something they will use for years. Or you have a sense of humour and want to give something fun. We have compiled a list of some of the best housewarming gift ideas.

1. Candles

candle lights

There really aren’t many things that are as well-received as a beautifully crafted, scented candle. For a good reason, as nothing evokes a warm, welcoming feeling like a candle. Americans spend three point two billion dollars on candles annually. They are a common sight in seven out of ten households. This is why you can go wrong with beautifully crafted candles as a housewarming gift. Here are some options for you to consider.

Beeswax Candles

These are the most costly of all candle types available. Candles made from beeswax actually help to clean the air as they burn. They remove pollutants found in the air that cause asthma and allergies. They are cleaner burning than either soy or paraffin candles.

Soy Wax Candles

Candles made out of soy wax are becoming more popular by the day. They too are clean burning with the added benefit of burning cooler. These candles last 30 to 50% longer compared to candles made out of other waxes. Soy wax candles don’t produce soot that you get with paraffin candles

Palm Wax Candles

The best advantage of using palm wax candles if that this wax is biodegradable, making them eco-friendly. This wax is rather thick and burns well for long periods.

Paraffin Wax Candles

This petroleum byproduct is the most popular of all waxes. Paraffin lends itself well to blending with different types of dyes and scents. Specifically prepared scents and dyes give paraffin candles more vibrant colours and a potent scent.

Flameless Candles

These candles are perfect for households with small children. They offer the same cosy atmosphere as real candles without posing a fire hazard. They provide great light without smoke or heat. They even flicker and have the same motion as the real thing. Some flameless candles can even be programmed to come on at the set time. Others have remote controls which allow you to turn them off easily.

2. Smart Thermostats


New homeowners have lots of expenses. A smart thermostat is a great housewarming gift. It can help the new homeowner save money on heating and cooling bills. There is a large selection available with different programming options. You can get something basic that will offer basic scheduling options for heating and cooling. For those with a larger gift budget more complex systems are available. The more advanced multi-stage systems can also control dehumidifier and ventilation systems.

3. A Tool Kit

Essential tools are a need of every household. Things like a hammer, wrench or screwdriver are always needed when moving into a new place. From putting up pictures to putting together a bed, you can’t do without the basic instruments. This is why a tool kit makes one of the best housewarming gifts. If the person you want to give it to is handy with tools you can purchase something more professional. Otherwise, there is a very huge variety of good quality tool kits available.

4. Bone China Dinnerware Set

bone china set

Source: Amazon Gibson Elite

A set of dinnerware is a great gift choice for housewarming. The homeowners use dinnerware every day. However, you should choose good quality and durable ones, such as bone china. Bone china dinnerware is the most popular and durable ceramic. They are dishwasher and microwave safe. Moreover, they are suitable for containing all kinds of food without leakage of harmful ingredients. Before handing out the gift, make sure the dinnerware set is properly protected.

5. Video Doorbell

smart doorbell

This is great home security and convenience gadget that is gaining popularity. It also makes for a great housewarming gift. They are available in a variety of features, so there is one available for every gift budget. You can get a battery-operated unit or one that can be hardwired to the home power supply.

Once installed the homeowner is notified of the visitor via a mobile. Users can greet and monitor visitors from anywhere via the device app. Some video doorbells have internal video storage for as many as 30 days. They can even differentiate between people and animal movement.

6. Cordless Vacuum

cordless stick vacuum

A cordless vacuum makes a great housewarming gift. This is because regardless of whom you give it to; it will definitely be used. In a large household, it is perfect as a backup to a regular vacuum. It can efficiently take care of the day to day minor cleaning jobs. For an apartment dweller, it may be sufficient to clean the whole apartment. Stick vacuums are liked because they are lightweight and handy.

There is a wide range of stick vacuums you can select from as your housewarming gift.

Due to the variety available, there is sure to be one that will fit your gift budget.

To ensure that you get a quality product keep in mind a few points. The lithium-ion powered stick vacuums provide suction that is as good as corded vacuums. The capacity of these vacuums can range from 12 to 40 volts. Minimum 18-volt battery power is recommended for respectable suction power.

Cordless vacuums can run from fifteen minutes to one hour on a single charge. Obviously, the greater the run time the most costly they tend to be. Different models offer a variety of attachments. The more attachments you opt for the more the price.

7. Customizable Unique Doormat

unique customizable door mat

Source: Amazon Freeloop

A doormat is another one of those housewarming gifts that anyone you give it to will definitely use. Not only do they make a practical gift, but they are functional as well. They allow visitors to scrub off dirt and moisture from shoes so it is not dragged inside. They provide a safe walking surface and reduce slipping accidents, especially in wet, icy conditions.

Doormats provide an economical way of preserving the life of floors in any home and add a touch of fashion. They can deliver a warm, welcoming message or a humorous one. Perhaps a classic doormat is more in line with the personality of the person you want to gift it to. They can be purchased in numerous designs, materials and colour combinations.

8. Storage Containers

storage container set

Source: Amazon Chef’s Path

Storage containers are among the most practical housewarming gifts possible. Whether they are used to organize a pantry, closet or garage, they work great everywhere. You can even get them a set of food storage containers. Perhaps you can prepare a few meals and fill up the containers. The last thing one wants to think of when moving into a new place is cooking. The meals delivered in a housewarming gift will be highly appreciated and loved.

9. Smart Light Starter Kits

smart light bulb

Source: Amazon Philips Hue

Keeping our environment clean is today’s top priority, and smart lighting is one of the best ways to do this.

A starter kit provides everything needed to convert one room of the house into a smartly lit room. The LED-integrated lights allow homeowners to control the lights via a phone, tablet or smart assist like Amazon Alexa. Smart LED lights will even allow you to control dimming, without any additional installations.

This is one gift that will pay the homeowner every month for as long as they use it in them. These lights last much longer than traditional lights and use less energy. The savings in electricity bills will go into the pocket of the homeowner. This is why they will absolutely love this thoughtful housewarming gift.

10. Potted Plants & Shelves

potted plants

Source: Pinterest Wish

Plants transform even the sparsest spaces into a cosy, welcoming home. In these times when more time is spent indoors, air-purifying plants have gained popularity. They are also known to provide a calming effect and lower anxiety. Plants are great conversation pieces or can even inspire houseplant collection as a hobby.

There are loads of easy-care varieties so, even the most forgetful person will have a hard time killing them. Choose from the resilient money plant that bestows good fortune to anyone in its path to symbolic flowering plants. With such a large selection of leaf colours and patterns, you can easily find one to match any home’s aesthetics.

11. Gift Cards

Amazon gift card

Source: Amazon

Sometimes you just aren’t sure what to get someone as a housewarming gift, especially if they already have the basic stuff. In such a situation, you can just let them decide what they need the most. Give them a gift card to their favourite store.

Moving entails lots of extra expenses. Only they know where money is most needed, and a gift card will be highly appreciated. An Amazon gift card can go a long way, as they can purchase everything under the sun from there.

12. Oil Diffusers

oil diffuser

Source: Amazon Aojourde

Oil diffusers are all the rage nowadays and they make great housewarming gifts. Natural oils such as eucalyptus and lavender not only keep the house smelling great. They also help to alleviate feelings of anxiety and stress. There is a large variety of scents you can pick from.

13. Hand Painted Wall Art

hand painted wall art

Source: Etsy Roslynka

If you are good at art painting, send a hand-painted wall art to the house owner. Or you can ask them if they need some wall painting in the backyard and interior exterior wall.

Customized hand-painted portraits from online artists will also bring an artistry touch to their new home.

14. Custom House Portrait

custom house portrait

15. Hand Embroidered Throw Pillow Covers

hand embroidered throw pillow covers

Source: Etsy LoveWovenStudio

There is nothing better than a gift you made by yourself. It represents your sincerity and friendship. Embroidery throw pillow covers are useful and beautiful housewarming gifts. So are the hand-embroidered wall art.

embroidery wall art

Source: Etsy MindfulStitchesShop

Source: Etsy PaperArtByChloe

16. Sweet Home Cake

housewarming cake

Source: Caron Eveleigh

17. Kitchen Utensils Holder

kitchen utensils holder


Some may prefer to send kitchen utensils as a gift, it depends on the homeowner’s traditional culture and preference. Because in some countries, it’s impolite to send knives as a housewarming gift.

However, it’s not stressful to send a kitchen utensil holder. If you are familiar with their home setting, before preparing this surprise, you must know if they already have one.

18. Custom Home Model

Your receivers will be amazed by the mini version of their house. It looks exactly the same as the home. The materials of these mini houses are common wood, resin, lego, plastic, and acrylic. To have the exact replica of the house, you should provide photos or drawings of the house. And, you need to place the order 3-4 weeks before the housewarming party.

mini house model

Source: Etsy Minihomeshop

There are tons of new home gift ideas, regardless of it is household appliances, plants, kitchen supplies, home decorations, or handmade food by yourself. No matter how much it is worth, the gifts represent your blessing that is the most valuable in the world.

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