15 Must-Have Household Cleaning Tools to Declutter Your Home

Let’s face it cleaning is one the worst possible jobs ever! But it is a fact that our homes do get dirty and they need to be cleaned. Armed with the right household cleaning tools, it can actually be done without too much pain. In fact, many home cleaning products help us to actually get the job done in no time at all. This allows us to get back to doing what is really important, have fun!

1. Robotic Window Cleaner

window cleaner robot

Source: Bobot

Cleaning windows is absolutely the worst of all cleaning jobs. Now robotic window cleaners can take that chore off your hands.

There are many models available, some allowing connectivity with Smart Apps. Models that can be connected with smart apps give you more control over how you want cleaning to proceed. Models that don’t work with smart apps, use artificial intelligence to map out the cleaning route. They return to the starting position once the job is done. So just sit back and let the robot do the dirty work.

You can choose from corded or cordless cleaners. If you prefer eco-friendly products then select a model with reusable cleaning pads.

2. Adaptable Stick Vacuum

adaptable stick vacuum cleaner

For quick cleanup jobs, nothing beats a cordless stick vacuum. Corded ones are also an option and they tend to be a little cheaper compared to cordless ones.

Regardless of the variety, stick vacuums are handy little tools light enough to quickly grab and get the job done. It is perfect for sweeping up the kitchen and bathrooms without ever having to bend over. The miniature size makes them easy to store.

They come with loads of accessories so you can clean everything from floors, upholstery, curtains, and more. Some models can even be converted to hand vacuums, perfect for cleaning the car!

Just keep in mind that cordless variety gives limited cleaning before the battery runs out. As most stick vacuums are bagless, the dust capacities are small, so they need to be emptied frequently. This is why they are not intended to replace your full-sized vacuum. Their purpose is to clean small areas fast, and they are great at this job!

3. Robotic Vacuum

robot vacuum cleaner

Robotic vacuums are great if you hate vacuuming. You can schedule your vacuuming for when you sleep or are out of the house. It will take care of hard-to-reach areas like under furniture without any difficulties. You can even program them to do spot cleaning. If you drop stuff in a small area, a robotic vacuum will clean only that part of the room. Some models will double as mops also. So you can just sit back and relax!

4. Lint Rollers

lint roller to remove pet hair

This is absolutely fantastic for removing human hair, pet hair, debris from clothing, sofa, and beddings. But you will be amazed at what other jobs this cheap little gadget can do. Run them over the shades on your lambs to have them sparkling clean. Run them over upholstery to get all crumbs in one sweep. Did you break a glass? No problem; collect the big pieces, and run a lint roller over the area to ensure no tiny pieces remain. Once the roller sheet loses stickiness, just tear it off and use the next fresh sheet.

5. A Squeegee


Source: Karolina Grabowska

Yes, every one of us has used a squeegee to clean windows. Did you know there was a whole lot more you could use them for? Here are a few things you should try using them for:

Need to remove pet hair from the carpet? Grab a squeegee, seriously give it a try! It actually works faster and better than vacuuming.

Have you ever broken glass on a tile floor? You understand the kind of mess I’m talking about. Yeap, just grabs a squeegee, even the tiniest of slithers will be collected.

Ready to wallpaper a room? Don’t forget the squeegee! It will remove every air bubble in just one sweep.

Of course, it also works great at keeping showers free of mildew by removing all moisture.

The tiny tool is almost maintenance-free. All you need to do is replace the blade when it starts to leave streaks.

6. X-Type Floor Mop

x-type flat floor mop

Source: Amazon Zhiyu&ArtDecor

It’s a daily task to keep the tiles clean. A good mop should be reusable and fast-drying. The X-type floor mop does a good job on different flooring and space around the table legs without spending extra. It has a 360° rotating head, which goes around the furniture very well. The one-button-to-twist design makes it easy to wash the mop cloth.

7. All-Purpose Microfiber Cloths

microfiber cloth for house cleaning

Many cleaning professionals recommend microfiber cloths for cleaning all types of surfaces. They can be used alone or in combination with commercial cleaners or plain water.

They are great at getting rid of dirt from glass, stainless steel, tiled, or marble countertops. Just about any surface cleans better with these magical cloths. Microfibers actually capture dirt rather than just moving it around like ordinary cotton cloth. You can even get the wearable kind, in which you can insert your fingers and quickly wipe down large surfaces.

The extra-absorbent microfiber cloths are great for absorbing spilled liquids. The best part is they are reusable, making them environmentally friendly. Just throw in a washing machine and they are ready to go again.

8. Sponge

cleaning sponge

Source: Karolina Grabowska

There is an enormous variety of sponges to choose from. So it is a good idea to keep a select few around. The ones with abrasive surfaces are great for removing any hard stuck-on grime. A classic sponge will scoop up any liquid spills in a flash. The silicone kind lasts for ages. The thing I love best, just rinse them out and they are ready to be used again.

9. Scrub Rubber Gloves

scrub rubber gloves

No household cleaning kit is complete without thick rubber gloves. Soap, hard chemicals, detergents, and even hot water all do a number on your hands. The first order of business before embarking on any cleaning project is to protect your hands. Once your hands are protected, you can embark on your cleaning tasks with confidence.

10. Telescoping Bendable Feather Duster

telescoping feather duster

Dusting is an essential part of cleaning. It is worthwhile to invest in a good quality feather duster. The handles allow for easy reach of out-of-way places like shelf tops, and cabinets. A good tip, start at the top and allow dust to fall downward. So all dust ends up on the floor once you get done.

If feather dusters are not your thing then microfiber duster is another option. The cleaning area on these is longer compared to a standard feather duster. Hence, you can get more dusting done in less time. You can get dusters with reusable microfibers, meaning when dusting is done, throw them into the washing machine. Their benefits include being easy to use, good for the environment, and inexpensive.

11. Ceiling Fan Duster

ceiling fan duster

Source: Amazon Unger

Cleaning ceiling fans are not only annoying but dangerous too. There is always the risk of taking a tumble if step ladders or chairs are used. If the above telescoping microfiber duster is not your option, try this one. The clever design of a ceiling fan duster allows you to take care of this job without any risks of a fall. The dual-sided brush gets rid of dust from the top and bottom of the blade in one go. It uses static electricity to quickly and efficiently scoop up all the dirt in a single sweep.

12. Scrub Brushes

scrub brush

Source: Amazon Trazon

A set of scrub brushes with nice strong bristles are an absolutely essential item. From scrubbing the bathtub to any sink in the house they get the job done. Nothing beats a scrub brush for removing mildew between bathroom tiles better than a good-sized scrub brush. Getting a set means you will different sizes to tackle different spaces. Large size for big flat surfaces while smaller ones can take care of the corners and medium size can be used on sinks.

13. Spray Bottles

spray bottle

Source: Amazon Uineko

A spray bottle squirts a fine mist of liquid to make cleaning easier. A lot of people prefer to mix their own cleaning agents using agents that are not too harsh for the environment. To dispense these cleaning agents spray bottles come in handy.

Even if you use commercially prepared cleaning agents, you can save money by purchasing concentrated solutions. You can then dilute them and put them in your own bottles. If you get different colored bottles, it will be easier to distinguish between different cleaning products.

14. Toilet Brush

toilet brush

Source: Amazon Treelen

A toilet with bristles is essential to get the toilet bowl sparkling. Each bathroom needs to have one available all the time. The bristle kind is most common and fairly inexpensive. They are available in every color so getting one that goes with your bathroom’s color scheme is not an issue.

Source: Amazon Clorox

Some new varieties come preloaded with strong cleaning liquid and have disposable sponge heads. The sponge can be removed with the press of a single button, so your hands stay clean. The problem with these is that they are not environment friendly. The disposable sponge heads end up in landfills.

15. Magic Dustan and Broom Set

magic broom and dustpan set

Source: Amazon OLLSDIRE

A set of dustpan and broom is very necessary for the house. Because you can find pet fur and human hair everywhere on the floor. This magic set is considerably designed with plastic teeth. It is easy to remove hair and debris without bending over to pick them out. When it’s not in use, you can fold it up to store in the corner.


Most of these tools are absolute must-have cleaning gadgets. Some of the functions may overlap, but many times you need more than one. For example, the microfiber towels you use in the bathroom would not be appropriate to use in the kitchen. You may need a large size squeegee for the floors but a smaller one for cleaning bathroom mirrors. Having the right tools makes cleaning easier and faster.

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