How to Get Rid of Bedbugs Step by Step?

Bedbugs are annoying and hard to eradicate because they have existed since ancient times. These small brownish, oval insects can grow up to the size of an apple seed. They are fed on blood from animals and humans, their bodies become reddish after sucking blood.

Bedbugs spread quickly because even though bedbugs cannot fly, they can move fast over surfaces like walls, ceilings, and floors. Female bedbugs can lay hundreds of eggs in their lifetime. These eggs are not easy to see by human eyes for each one is only about the same size as a dust grain. Also, each bug can grow fully in as little time as 1-2 months. This process can be doubled or tripled each year.

Infestations of bedbugs have been on the rise these years. That may be because of fast economical growth and fast good transport. Even though bedbugs don’t transmit diseases like mosquitoes and ticks, their bites can cause itchy skin and blood stains on your bed. You should take some steps to get rid of bedbugs in your home.

Find the Sign of Infestations

Bedbugs don’t have nests like bees or ants. You may not be able to see bedbugs on surfaces in your home. Because their flat bodies make them easy to hide in small spaces, such as bed mattress springs, headboards, bed frames, clothes, couches, flooring, and wall gaps. They can spread to other rooms or areas unnoticed.

However, because bedbugs live on blood, itchy skin and brown or black blood stains on your pillow and bedding sheets could indicate that bedbugs are possible in your home.

Bedbugs are most active at night, biting people by puncturing the human skin and stealing blood with their long beaks. They crawl away unnoticed without leaving any pain, but only itchy welts when they become full within 5-10 minutes of a blood-feeding.

To be certain, you can use a flashlight to locate the bugs, eggs, and skin castings under the mattress at night.

Bedbug excrement can be found on sheets, mattresses, walls, and bedclothes in dark or rusty areas. Don’t forget the pets’ nests and beds.

A musty, offensive odor originating from the bug’s scent glands

There are many photos of bedbugs at various stages in their lives on the internet. It shouldn’t be difficult to identify them. Be aware, however, that there are many similar species such as carpet beetles and bat bugs.

You should immediately remove any bedding that you suspect is infested and inspect it for signs of insects or excrement. Take off the dust cover at the bottom of the boxsprings and inspect the seams of the wood framing. The fabric is still attached to the frame by its staples.
It would help if you also inspected the area around your bed. This includes inside books, radios, phones, or radios, as well as the edges of carpets and electrical outlets. Bedbugs can attach clothing to your clothes so make sure you check your closet.

Calm Down

Now you have found the problem, you should immediately take steps to eliminate the infestation and prevent them from spreading throughout your home and returning.

Thorough cleaning up any bedbug hosting area. Declutter the areas above and below the bed and sofa.

Wash beddings, curtains, sheets, cushion covers, and clothing in hot water. Dry them using the highest setting of the electric clothes dryer for 30 minutes.

Before you use a vacuum cleaner to clean your bed, sofa, and surrounding area, use a stiff brush to remove bedbugs and eggs from mattress seams, sofa seams, and gaps between cushions. Tie the cleaner bag tightly immediately after vacuuming.

Repair seams or any broken areas, so bedbugs have nowhere to hide.

DIY Treatment or Experts

Although DIY solutions may be more cost-effective, it’s better to ensure the problem is solved. You should consider safety and effectiveness first. Bedbugs can become resistant to DIY insecticides and may not be affected by these products. If the bedbugs spread and infest other home areas, it could make matters worse.

Here is the time to call an exterminator if you’re unsure about the signs of bedbugs. They will be able to tell you what to look out for.

Heat and steam treatment are effective methods to eradicate bedbugs. You can also spray growth-inhibiting household pest repellents chemicals and dusting powders. All of these methods require the use of the equipment and skilled persons. A professional pest control operator will use a multi-pronged approach with follow-up inspections, and additional treatment as necessary.

You don’t have to change your mattress or bed. The job of the pest controller is to treat your home and all your belongings. A good pest control operator will bring a few things to the table. These are the points to consider before you hire a pest controller.

  • To determine the extent of the problem, conduct a thorough and careful inspection of all areas of the house.
  • You must confirm the existence of bedbugs even if you suspect that they are infesting your home. Provide proof of infestation by providing live/dead or egg-eating bedbugs and skin casings.
  • A comprehensive approach to eliminating pests in your home requires a variety of tools and methods.
  • There is no one solution that works for all homes. Your pest control professional should create a customized plan for your home and discuss the various methods of treatment.
  • All costs, warranties, and any add-ons should be in writing along with the types of treatments to be used, coverage area, and the number of follow-up inspections/treatments.

Prevent the Re-infestation

These simple steps will help you prevent bedbug infestations in your home.

  • Avoid areas where you may get bedbugs.
  • Maintain a clutter-free home and wash your clothes and bedding at high temperatures.
  • Regularly apply some duster power around the entrances of your home.
  • Deworm your pets regularly.
  • Regularly inspect your home for signs of re-infestation. Early detection is key to winning the war.

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