Never Knew We Could Choose and Care Area Rugs Like This

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Rug is a floor covering of different material for a specific indoor and outdoor area. It is not big as carpet, can be placed everywhere. Are rugs are important decorative and functional items in our home, they generate visual interest, and rugs also affect our health. Let’s learn more about rugs and select the most appropriate rugs for our comfortable home.

Why need I use a rug?

There are three reasons to use a rug at home:

1. Rug is useful, whatever the material is, can protect your wood or marble floor from furniture moving. If you don’t want the irreparable scratches and abrasion, you’d better place some area rugs under furniture. Area rugs are the best protection for floor in home office.

2. Rug is sound absorbing, can decrease the noise of moving furniture and foot traffic.

3. Rug is decorative, can transforms your interior design easily and beautifully. Change your home style as you want.

4. Rug is practical, can be widely placed anywhere you want, such as under furniture, hallway runner, kitchen, bathroom, beside your bed, garden. Rugs can define your home area of different function.

5. No-slip rug is functional, can protect you and your family from sliding and falling when taking shower.

6. Rug is easy to use. Measure the area you’d like to cover, choose your favorite rug style and place it on the floor. That’s it!

What materials are rugs made of? How to maintain rugs?

Rugs are practical, decorative and functional, but different rug material can do different impact. Therefore, it’s important to select suitable rug material according to the area you’d like to parlace a rug.
Rugs are traditionally made of natural wool fiber and animal leather. Nowadays, most of rugs are made of chenille, jute, sisal, cotton, plastic, synthetic fiber, and mixed spinning fibers.

1. Wool Rug

A rug made of wool is soft and durable as wool is a long fiber with brilliant tensile strength, good elasticity and beautiful luster. A wool rug can last and keep colors & patterns for decades as long as it is used properly. They are suitable for any area. Wool rugs are luxurious and much more expensive than rugs made of other material, the price of a wool rug is usually over $1000 varying from different sizes.

Wool rug maintenance tips:

Please use wool rugs indoor only. Never place your luxurious wool rug at the entryway or you will get frustrated by cleaning sands and earth in the area rug.
Vacuum regularly (once a week). It’s normal that a new wool rug shed fibers ;
Vinegar and baking soda may help in partially cleaning wool rugs. Spraying vinegar and water mixture or dusting baking soda on the dry wool rug, wait for 20 minutes, use dry cloth gently scrub in circle, vacuum the rug completely and let it air dry.
Use special wool laundry detergent and dry cleaning with cloth and sponge. Wet cleaning will shorten the lifespan of the wool rug.
Do not use bleach and strongly scrub.
Avoid pets, harsh chemicals, sharp objects and direct sunlight.

wool rug

2. Chenille and fluffy faux fur Rug

Chenille is fluffy, soft fabric that is mixed woven with different fibers, mostly cotton weaved. It is thick but light weight, has great moisture absorption and pretty good touch feeling. Chenille is usually used to produce blankets, curtains, rugs, sofa covers and wall decors. Chenille rugs should be placed some clean areas, such as beside your bed and couch, in the bay window, as the material easily absorbs humidity. They are perfect fluffy rugs for bedroom.

Chenille rug maintenance tips:

Brush out any dirt and small objects.
Vacuum chenille rugs weekly.
Clean partially if a small area gets stained.
Read rug care instructions before washing.
Machine wash or hand wash with cold water and neutral detergent.
Air dry and lightly brush the messy “caterpillars”.
Dry completely before storing.

Chenille Rug

chenille rug
Faux Sheepskin Rug

faux pink sheepskin rug

3. Jute and Sisal Rug

Jute and sisal rugs are made of natural plant fibers that are durable, anti-abrasion and anti-corrosive from home chemical products. They can be easily cleaned by a standard vacuum. If they get stains, you can clean them with soap and water. Jute and sisal rugs are eco-friendly and pet-friendly, and will not cause static electricity.

jute and sisal rug

Jute and sisal rug maintenance tips:

Use jute and sisal rugs in dry area.
Shake and beat out the dust. Take the jute and sisal rugs out of the house, shake out sands, hang it on a clothesline, beat it with a carpet beater to release dirt.
Vacuum weekly.
Dry spot clean for small stains.
Hand wash separately with mild detergent and cold water. Avoid twist the jute rugs.
Hang it on the clothes line or lay it on the floor to air dry.
Store it in dry place.

4. Wool and Synthetic Blends Rug

Blends rugs are made of blended fibers of natural wool and synthetic fibers, such as nylon, polyester. The mixed spinning rugs makes wool rugs affordable, it’s cheaper than natural wool rugs. It is anti-abrasive and usually beautifully patterned.

Blends area rug maintenance tips:

Use it inside of house.
Vacuum weekly. Or vacuum daily if in heavy traffic area.
Spot dry clean any stain of tea, coffee or juice with mild detergent, baking soda and dry cloth.
Use neutral detergent to dry clean wool blends rugs if rugs get heavily stained.

wool and synthetic blends rug

5. Synthetic Rug

Synthetic rugs are made from artificial fibers such as nylon, polyester, sewed with a linen under-layer in a rug factory. They are much cheaper than natural fibers rugs, also can be printed with beautiful 3D dimensional patterns.

Synthetic rug maintenance tips:

Shake and beat out sands and dirt.
Vacuum regularly and wash it if heavily stained.
Read wash and care instructions before washing.
Use mild detergent and brush gently.
Avoid colorful and harsh chemicals.
Air dry and avoid long time sunlight exposure.

Optical Illusion Vortex Rug

optical illusion vortex rug
3D Dimensional Scenery Hall Runner Rug

3d dimensional scenery hall runner rug

6. Plastic Rug

Plastic rugs are the best outdoor rugs for garden and doorway to wipe your feet. Plastic rugs are made of polypropylene or recycled plastic. They are stain resistant and water resistant, can bear heavy traffic and car pressure, also can be cleaned easily by water spray, brush and soap, then let them natural dry.

plastic rug for doorway and garden

7. TPE Non-Slip Rug

Non-slip rugs are made of TPE, which is the abbreviation of thermoplastic elastomers, has the consist features of plastic and rubber. The anti-slip sucker rug pads won’t harm floors and leave sticky stains. What’s more, they can protect people from sliding and falling on slippery floor. They are also great non-slip runner rugs.

TPE non-slip rugs maintenance tips:

Wash two sides to avoid mildew and bacteria.
Avoid corrosive chemicals and direct sun exposure.
Dry it before storing.

non-slip rug

8. Diatom Mud Rug

Diatom mud rug is anti-slip, highly absorbent and fast drying, works well as bathroom door mat.
Maintenance tips: If diatom mud rugs get stained, wash it with cold clean water. Leave it air dry to keep hyper absorbency.

Diatom mud rug maintenance tips:

Avoid direct sunlight. It may get warped if exposed in the sun for a long time or use it in incorrect way.
Avoid harsh wipe and bumpy floor.
Avoid colorful chemicals.
Dry it before storing.

diatom mud rug

If you get bored with your room design, it must be a good idea to change a new area rug of new pattern. It will change your whole home style and bring you new inspirations for life.

When you wonder what rug material works best in your space, you should consider how much foot traffic there is, what function the space for.
For example, wool or blends wool rugs are suitable in luxury area such as hall way, study, living room. Chenille and faux fur rugs can be place in bedroom and living room. Nylon and plastic rugs can be used in kitchen, bathroom, outdoor, entryway, as a rug for cleaning shoes before getting into the house. Cotton and jute rugs are comfortable floor covering in rustic living room and bedroom.

No matter what the rug materials are, area rugs are designed for protecting our floor, decorating our interior home and making our life more comfortable. We buy area rugs for better life experience.

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