7 Easy Halloween Party Ideas

With October 31st fast approaching, everyone is getting in the Halloween mood. It is a time for celebrations. There are many different ways to celebrate. Some people enjoy going trick or treating; others enjoy carving pumpkins or dressing up. It is also an opportunity for family and friends to get together for the spookiest grand time. Why not get into the spirit by hosting your very own Halloween party?

A successful party begins with good planning. Below is a list of all the party obligations you need to take care of. Each category has ideas you can use to make your party a grand success.

1. Party Invites

Every good Halloween party begins with fantastically ghoulish-looking invitations. Off-course you can always order these online or run out and buy them, but where is the fun in that?

  • Create your own invitations using chart paper, rubber stamps, glitter glue, and some imagination.
  • If that does not work for you, there are loads of websites that offer free templates. Print them out and enlist the help of your kids for coloring and decorating. If all else fails, there are always the ready-made theme invites.

2. Spooky Decorations

One of the best things about Halloween is the decorations. You can go as wild as you like or keep it light. The amount of carnage you want to display will depend on your guests. If it is an adult-only gathering, then you can go all out. However, if small children are going to be present, you may want to keep things light.

carved pumpkin

  • Download bat templates and grab some black chart paper and scissors. Cut out bats in different sizes for your entrance. You can either stick them to the front door or hang them with a string. Either way, they create a fantastic illusion.

  • Decorate your garage door by creating a shadowy Halloween scene. Cut witches, broomsticks, black cats and spiders out of black chart paper and paste on the door.
  • Make your own candy wreath. All you need is a 14-inch foam wreath form. Next, collect candies in seasonal colors like orange, magenta, and yellow. Start attaching to the form, layering the pieces, and overlapping them as you go around. Finish off with a nice big bow of burlap in a color of choice.
  • Garlands are great for lining along railings of steps or a fireplace mantle. You can even put the strings on door frames or windows. String together candy corn pieces and make the string as long as desired! Here is a challenge! Let’s see if you can string a whole bag without popping one in your mouth!
  • Outdoor lighting is a great way to create a spooky atmosphere or something more whimsical. The use of classic orange lights or green and purple hues creates spellbinding displays.
  • No Halloween decoration is complete without a carved pumpkin. So grab one or a few, draw the scariest face imaginable and start carving. The different-sized carved pumpkins can be displayed anywhere. Put them outdoors or on tables indoors.

3. Halloween Party Food

When it comes to Halloween food, most people imagine it to be centered on candy. Be it chocolate bars, candy corn, or other sugar-loaded goodies. Then there are the traditional foods like handling peeled grapes imagining them to be eyeballs!

There are numerous other items you can serve which will look festively scary but be yummy to eat.

  • Ghostly Pretzel Rods are one of the easiest treats to make. Melt white chocolate in double streamer, stirring constantly. Remove from heat and dip rod pretzels 2/3 into the chocolate. Line up the rods on parchment paper and put them in the refrigerator so they can set. Use edible markers to paint on the ghost faces.
  • Ghost Pizza is another easy-to-make treat that everyone will enjoy. Prepare a pizza crust and top with sauce. Get creative with the toppings. Cut ghostly shapes out of cheese slices. You can use bell peppers to make eyes and mouth. Next, use black and green olives to create bugs.
  • Bat-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are perfect for younger guests, and they are easy to make. Simply use bat-shaped cookie cutters to make the shape and use peanut butter and jelly of choice.
  • Banana mummies are a somewhat healthy treat for young and old alike. Divide bananas into halves and skewer each on an ice cream stick. Place on parchment paper and freeze. Next, microwave the white chocolate following the directions on the packet. Dip the frozen bananas into the chocolate one by one and return to the parchment sheet to settle. Put two M&M chocolates close to the top of the banana as eyes. Add the remaining melted chocolate into a plastic sandwich bag. Cut a small hole in one corner of the plastic bag. Now squeeze, making the zigzag pattern on the banana to create the bandages. Finally, freeze again until you are ready to serve.

4. Party Drinks

No party is complete without drinks. Think about creating a spooky punch that will thrill children and adults alike. Punch-style drinks allow guests to serve themselves and save you the trouble of refilling. Now you can have fun like everyone else!

eyeball punch

Source: Pinterest MomDot

  • Eyeball Punch gives the look of an actual eyeball floating in your drink and tastes great! Strain a can of lychees and save 1 ½ cups of syrup. Stick lychee on a toothpick, then stack a blackberry on top, inserting it deep into the lychee. In a bowl, stir the saved syrup, cherry, and orange juice in equal quantities. Add the “eyeballs” and sparkling water and serve over ice.
  • Slime Punch is another easy to concoct a very festive drink. Partially thaw one can, each of limeade and lemonade. Add to a large bowl and add two liters of ginger ale and one quart of lime sherbet. To give it a truly slimy color add a couple of drops of green food color. Chill and serve when ready.
  • Blood Red Punch has that deep red color of blood. All you need is one bottle of red wine some lemon and orange slices. Two cups of club soda and ¼ cup of sugar. In a pitcher add red wine and sugar and dissolve. Half squeeze the citrus wedges into the wine and throw the slices in with the wine. Add club soda and garnish with candy worms.

5. Spooky Music

No party is complete without the appropriate music to set the atmosphere. Whether you favor the spine-chilling screams from a scary movie or something lighter, the choice is yours. Numerous sites will let you download Halloween music for free. Have the music playing in the background to create a proper atmosphere.

6. Halloween Games

Halloween is all about having fun, and nothing says fun more than party games. Many games can be enjoyed with younger players and adults alike. Everyone is sure to enjoy it!

  • Mummy race can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. Have each person pick a partner. Each team gets a roll of toilet paper. The purpose of the game is to wrap their partner completely in the toilet roll from head to toe. The first team to accomplish the task will win.
  • Murder mash is a great game to gross everyone out. Have players sit in a circle and cover their eyes with a band so they can’t see. Turn the lights down. Start telling a murder story as you pass out cold slimy, gooey items for them to feel as the story is being told. You can use cooked, cold spaghetti for brains, steak can be tongue, and peeled grapes can be eyes. When they can’t see imaginations run wild.
  • Bean bag throw is a classic game everyone enjoys. Carve out an extra-large pumpkin with a round hole and empty out the insides. You can even pile one on top of another. Have players take turns trying to throw a bean bag into the mouth of the pumpkin.

7. Goody Bags

Goody bags or treat bags are a great way to say goodbye to your guests. There are many things you can use to stuff the gift bags depending on the age of your guests. It doesn’t necessarily have to be candy.

For the younger guests you have the option of the following:

  • Temporary tattoos with a Halloween theme. These are easy to press on and the fun can continue on to the next day.
  • Mini key chains, glow sticks, and glow bracelets make good gifts.
  • Kids love decorating notebooks with stickers. Halloween-themed stickers are a great option.

Adult goody bags can have the following items:

  • Protein bars are great, especially for calorie-conscious friends.
  • Gourmet chocolate truffles, just because who can resist chocolate?
  • Mini cocktail bottles for the adults at your party
  • Nothing says personalization more than home-baked cookies decorated with everyone’s name.

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