12 Pro Tips to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Everyone dreams of owning and decorating a house with spacious rooms. However, in cities like New York, San Francisco, the budget limits their purchase to smaller, less spacious rooms. Issues faced by the commoner are bedrooms that can barely fit a bed with side tables or a living room that has to adjust a dining table, a bookshelf, TV cabinets, and shoe racks.

This thought makes it challenging for the owner to fit everything into a small space without compromising its spacious look. So, the owner ends up negotiating with their dream of a king-size bed with a canopy, a large closet, and huge windows with sufficient sunlight. What to do in such cases?

  • Should we undergo a financial crunch and end up buying a bigger house?
  • Will we spend on civil work?
  • Should we stop dreaming of bigger rooms?

Well, the solution is much simpler than what an individual thinks. Nowadays, advancement in interior designing firms has made it possible to make the tiniest bedroom look massive by following some simple tricks at home. Here are some remarkable space expanding tips that can do wonders in making a cramped, congested room go king size.

make small home look bigger

1. Choosing Lighter Colors With Stripes Patterns

Paint your walls with light and bright colors as they reflect light and gives your room a massive look. Usually, this makes your ceiling appear higher and spacious. Similar to our wardrobe, adding vertical stripes will make your room appear taller and horizontal stripes give a wider look to your room. The choice of color can also be applied to furniture and another décor in the room.

2. Introducing Smart Artwork At A Height

Select and display large, engaging artwork which attracts people’s attention makes the room appear voluminous. Decorate your wall hangings at a couple of centimeters higher than you usually do. Subsequently, this will make your walls look taller.


3. Lighter Colored And High-Rise Curtains

Patterned curtains can draw attention to small window frames, thereby making your room wall appear smaller due to a break in the pattern of the wall. Instead, choose curtains of the same color as that of the wall so that the curtain merges with the background or choose colored blinds.

Also, light shade curtains/ blinds allow more natural light into the room, which gives you the feeling of a massive room. Full-length curtains hanging high near the ceiling to the floor also gives the feel of a room with good height.

lighter colored and high-rise curtains make the space look bigger

4. Contrast Colors

Matching walls, furniture, and rugs with the same colors but different shade gives a uniform look to the room, creating visual symmetry, which deceives our mind and makes the room look airy and commodious.

contrast colors can make the room bigger

5. Low Rise Furniture

It is very crucial to choose furniture smartly for small rooms. Use short and low-to-the-ground height furniture. Doing that will protect your wall from scuffs and scrapes, thereby maintaining a clean wall and further enhancing the height of your ceiling. In addition, choosing a see-through/ translucent type item will give the feeling of it being invisible and further create a high-ceilinged room.

low rise furniture prtects your wall from scratches and enhance the height of your ceiling.

6. Choice Of Furniture

Preferably investing money on furniture, which can be folded, stacked, or fitted with a wheel, should be considered. So that it can be easily removed or pushed away without much hassle, when not in use, opt for a dining table that can be expanded or folded with drop leaves to make it look more compact, thereby providing more space to the room.

Besides, a few features you should remember while purchasing the furniture are a) Round-shape table occupies less space, with no pointed corners to interfere with the usual household chores. Go for tabletop materials made of marble or glass, which are reflective. b) Opt for chairs with compact seats and short height backs. c) Choose a sofa with elevated legs.

Round-shaped table occupies less space, with no pointed corners to interfere with the usual household chores.

7. Mirrors Make the Home Look Bigger

Getting the feeling of a spacious room is all in the eyes of a user. Just like light colors, which reflect the light around the room and make it voluminous, a similar concept can be extended to the choice of mirror. Choose a closet with mirrored doors and use bigger mirrors in walls, as doing that will accentuate the floor to ceiling height.

However, pay attention to the location you place a mirror.  According to Feng Shui experts, mirrors are not recommended to face the bed and the door. A mirror facing the bed will cause sleep problems. Moreover, you don’t want to be scared by your own figure at midnight when you wake up to go to the toilet.

Mirrors will accentuate the floor to ceiling height.

8. Free Your Floors From Items

Choose furniture like TV cabinets, shoe racks, bookshelves, which can be wall-mounted or at least a few centimeters high from the floor. Keeping the floor space free from items makes it look more capacious. Try to do more of nailing to your walls.

9. Encourage Less And Multifunctional Items

Crowding your room with too much desired furniture does not solve the purpose of creating a commodious room. Instead, go for items that can serve multifunctional, to avoid more items on the floor.

For example, reorganize the storage space in the bedroom. And choose a bed with inbuilt drawers and shelves or customize it around the bed.  These shelves can serve the purpose of bedside tables. Use TV cabinets with multiple shelves and drawers for keeping books, decorative items, water bottles, etc. Spend on ottomans which can be used as a coffee table as well as an extra seating item.

encourage less and multifunctional items

10. Spend On Chandelier

Good quality lights also play a vital role in creating a voluminous room. Hanging a beautiful chandelier from your ceiling will lighten up the small room. Doing this will draw your attention to the ceiling, thereby enhancing the room’s height without thinking much of the floor space.

Hanging a beautiful chandelier from your ceiling will lighten up the small room

11. Limited Doors

Bedroom, kitchen, and cupboard doors take a lot of space. Getting rid of these doors or using sliding doors can be a very good alternative for creating more space in the room.

12. Small Rugs with Unified Colors

To demarcate two different rooms, rugs are a great choice to separate the rooms, thereby creating more space and functionality.

rugs are a great choice to separate the rooms, thereby creating more space and functionality.

In this article, it can be concluded that the following smart styling choices and strategies pave the path to your desired house from a small, cluttered room to a spacious and king-sized one. It is your crafty approach on which you need to focus rather than spending your fortune.

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