8 Easy to Fix Solutions to Home Interior Design Mistakes

For a beautiful house, the tiniest thing needs to be coordinated to create one’s dream world. Individual plans so many things, starting from preparing an unending list to taking expert comments, long discussions, and allotting budgets. But the majority of people blindly start buying items of their choice and try to match them with their decoration plan, but that rarely works, and the user ends up having trouble. In this current article, we will take a tour of some of the most common interior design flaws that should be avoided. If it has already happened, refer to this article on how to fix such problems, and create a perfect house.

1. Poor Lighting

This factor plays a vital role in deciding the beauty of a room. Good lighting always makes your room look voluminous, but dim lighting will give your room a shabby and small look. It doesn’t mean to spend a lot of money on various types and designs of light. Instead, the focus should be on different light sources, which, when work incoherence, creates a beautiful, lively environment in the room.

For example, good interior design allows plenty of natural light to have an easy passage to the room; use a mirror, a good light reflective source. Place the big main light in the center of the room, such that its effect reaches the shadowy corner of the house.

Choose a desk lamp for a workspace for good visibility while reading and writing, pendant lighting on kitchen ceiling to prepare good quality food. To give a soft, romantic touch to some rooms, go for floor lamps with ambient lighting, wall-mounted lights above a sofa, or table lamps on a bedside table. All the above factors create a cozy atmosphere with character and warmth.

Even after all this, do you still have some penny left? Opt for some decorative lightings like small lamps, LED strip lighting in a waffled ceiling. Further, this enhances the beauty of your interiors.

Good lighting always makes your room look voluminous

2. Furniture Placement

Do not attach your furniture to the walls; instead, have options to place it in the room in such a way that it can create more walkways and gives a spacious look. Placing your furniture a little away from the wall can do wonders. Create few zones with furniture and rugs if you have an open and broken-plan space. Also, keep your options open for the coffee table and a couple of accent chairs that can be laid within the space.

Placing your furniture a little away from the wall can create more walkways and gives a spacious look

3. Hanging Artworks

Choosing an appropriate hanging artwork needs special skills. You need to have good creativity. Whether you prefer symmetrical frames or extensive gallery wall or statement canvas, spacing and adjusting height is vital.

Usually, artwork should be positioned at eye level. But if you have high ceilings, divide the walls into 4 sections vertically, and accordingly, hang your art so that it’s bottomlands in the second quadrant. For gallery walls, frame collection should be assumed as a single piece. There should be a minimum gap of 10 cm between frames. In the case of furniture, artwork should be centrally placed above or poised with other furniture in the room.

artwork should be positioned at eye level or a little bit higher

4. Do Not Paint Your Wall As The First Step

The first step should be choosing the vital elements like rugs, artwork, furniture, etc. Based on these elements suitable paint color should be chosen.

paint the wall after choosing furniture, rugs, curtain

5. Wrong Choice Of Rug

It is one common problem where the majority of people end up with expensive mistakes in home design. But following few simple tips can do wonders. Placing a rug closer to the sofa wall and creating a walkway between the TV unit and fireplace gives a cozy feeling without creating any obstacle on the pathway.

The size of the rug does not matter. If you have a smaller rug than the team, match it with the center table, making it a centerpiece in the room. Also, make sure that the furniture around the center table does not land on the side of the rug. At the same time, if you have a large rug that can accommodate all the furniture in your living room, you end up creating a lavish room.

For the bedroom, lay a runner or a smaller rug along the side of the bed. Further, this gives a soft and cozy platform when you get out of your bed in the morning and place your first step on the ground. For the children’s room, go for smaller colorful rugs, where kids can also use them as a play area.

how to choose rugs for different location at home

6. Lack Of Measurement Before Interior Design

One of the most important things is to measure your room and furniture; else, you may end up buying too big or too small furniture which may not fit or look good in your room. Such expensive mistakes can be avoided by measuring the dimensions using inch-tapes or laser measurer.

It is the piece of furniture occupying the maximum area of a room that sets the baseline for every object chosen and placed around it. Ceiling heights also decide the height of your furniture. Higher ceilings can have taller furniture, whereas low ceilings can settle with lower woodwork. Also, make sure to leave some walls empty to avoid cluttered rooms.

measure room and furniture before redesign your space

7. Home Design Should Have A Smart Budget

Decorating a house on a reasonable budget is what every individual preferred when doing interior design. Establishing a solid budget carefully will save you from spending extra. But one classy and luxurious item can give a completely new look to the interiors, thereby enhancing the décor of the entire room.

Generally, this is the reason why some expensive items have that price value. Such items should be kept as the centerpiece of the house. But such expenditure can be compensated in the budget by compromising with some other low-budget items. Always leave room for extra budget to accommodate for contingencies.

Decorating a house on a reasonable budget

8. Interior Design in Small Room Can Be Fun

If you have a small room, you do not need to struggle, making it look bigger. Instead, go for bold and eye-catching wallpaper. Use light-colored furniture made out of natural materials, curtains of lightweight fabric, and large reflecting mirrors.

have fun in a small room

Good planning leads to a beautiful, well-designed room. It is always better to know what not to do before it’s too late, and we pay extra for our mistakes in interior design. However, there are lots of easy solutions to fix these common mistakes. Always fill your room with a combination of heights and proportions. Focus on correct measurement, color patterns, space planning, and many more.

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