15 Eye-catching Wall Art for Every Space

Whether it is a living room, bedroom, dining room or kitchen, before you a make large-scale renovation, the home interior design is stable but wall decor can be flexible. If you are looking for some ideas to refresh part of your space, wall art can add some possibilities to your rooms. When you style the space with your own personality and taste, wall art can instantly catch all visitors’ eyes when they walk into your home.

If you are not sure what kind of wall decor you should buy for each type of space and if they need to match your interior design, you should take everything into consideration, such as your and your family members’ preference, the size of the wall, interior design, furniture style. But please remember that wall art printing is a way to express yourself. It is decorating the space you live for a long time.

Wall art can be but doesn’t have to be the same style as your furniture, carpet, or curtain, some people like colorful wall posters in their plain design, but some may like everything that looks the same style at home. Wall art should be a focal point in that space. Choose wall decor you really like and feel happy about rather than the best works.

1. Wall decor in the entryway

The entryway wall art lets your visitors know your style from the moment they enter the door. It’s a wall print of an ocean scene that makes you enlightened.

scenery wall art for entryway

2. Abstract art for living room

It’s the abstract wall art of modern aesthetic. It can pull up your living room accent, regardless of the interior design and furniture style in the living room.

abstract wall art for living room

3. Rural wall art for the dining room

These framed artworks make your blank kitchen wall rustic and cozier. The accent is suitable for both the kitchen and dining room.

rural wall art for dinning room

4. Wall art for kitchen or dining room

The kitchen is the heart of a home. A comfortable and cozy dining room can improve appetite and the relationship between family members.

These stick-on-wall art décors have a unique design and bright colors. They will enhance the accent of the kitchen without painting the whole room, also help create a cozy and welcoming space.

kitchen wall art

5. Art for the gallery wall

An artwork gallery wall is the timeless display of your favorite collections, from original hand paintings, handmade crafts, to precious photographs. Try to define and vary your gallery wall with this beautiful art with black frames and white background. It makes everything in the area look natural and artistic.

gallery wall decoration
6. Art of bedroom

It’s a wall art of self-expression. The bold orange brightens and lifts your private space. It creates a sunny bedroom accent, expresses the personality and taste of the hostess. The wall art has given this light grey bedroom a décor boost.

bold color bedroom wall art

7. Wall art for home office

A home office is a workplace you concentrate on creativity and get inspiration. Decorate your specific space with these simple but artsy quotes prints.

home office inspiring wall art

8. Playroom wall décor for boys

The rocket and astronaut wall prints transform a basic toy room into a creative and fun-filled playroom for boys.

kid playroom wall decor

9. Teen girl’s bedroom wall décor

Pinky wall, pinky throw pillows, pinky posters with bowknot rabbit, warm light turns this bedroom a comfortable cave for teenage girls.

girl bedroom wall art

10. Laundry room wall décor

These fun and rustic wall posters add a vintage style to your laundry room. This place is your personal space for daily chores. A beautiful and well-organized laundry room makes your housework no longer boring.

laudry room wall art decor

11. Bathroom wall décor

The artistic wall decor makes this luxurious wooden accent bathroom even more impactful. There is a lot of humidity and wetness in bathroom. Wall posters should be made of aluminum and glass for a longer lifespan.

bathroom wall art

12. Closet wall hanging

The wall poster delivers strong confidence and self-love in women’s apartments or closets. Bold orange can attract everyone’s attention when they first enter into this space.

closet wall hanging

13. Luxury wall art horse for men

A horse is the historic symbol of power, glory, and luxury. The horse wall art is a perfect space gift for men who desire strength and courage.

wall art horse

14. Stylish wall décor for stairway

A random array of wooden framed wall posters provides a visual focal point along with the steps. Mix some precious family photographs and vintage art collections and create your favorite art gallery.

stairway wall art

15. Quotes for sports room

Add inspirational art into your sports space at home, let it boost your power and courage when you are training or practicing.

sports room wall decor

Wall décor can be artistic, aesthetic, and inspirational. They can make your home space feel complete. Not only they are framed pictures but also represent your personality and lifestyle. Therefore, choose what you love, love what you choose.

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